Unveiling the Truth: Delving into Whether Messi is Indeed the Ultimate Football Legend of All Time

In a recent interview, Luis de la Fuente, the Spanish national team coach, opened up about his admiration for the amazing Lionel Messi and his dream of having him on his squad. While he may not think of Messi as the ultimate GOAT, de la Fuente truly respects the player’s exceptional skills and sees him as a perfect fit for his team.

De la Fuente has shared his thoughts on the possibility of Lionel Messi, who is now 36 years old and competing for Inter Miami in the MLS, rejuvenating Spain’s national team if he were to switch allegiances. This hypothetical situation stems from Messi’s potential eligibility to play for Spain due to his great-grandfather’s ties to Balaguer, Catalonia. It’s fascinating to consider how Spain’s successes in the late 2000s could have been even greater with Messi as part of their squad.

The path ahead for Messi points towards joining Inter Miami as it has been officially announced that he will continue his career there. Football fans are buzzing with excitement about the upcoming match in January between Inter Miami and Al Nassr, as two football giants are set to clash on the field. It will be a highly anticipated showdown between Messi, the legendary player who has won the Ballon d’Or award eight times, and the celebrated Portuguese star, Ronaldo.