“Unstoppable Feline: A Resilient Kitten Bounces Back After a Car Accident”

In December, a Florida couple stumbled upon a surprising sight on a busy highway – a small, fuzzy kitten was hit by a car and in dire need of assistance. Against all odds, the couple decided to take action and give the kitten a fighting chance. Through their efforts and the contributions of a caring community, the kitten’s life was forever changed. Maisy, as she came to be known, had a rough start in life despite her young age. It is unclear if she was abandoned or a stray, but she needed immediate help. The couple who first found her arranged for vet visits and tended to her most pressing needs, setting her on the path for a brighter future.

Maisy suffered from a serious injury to her leg and jaw, where the skin and underlying tissue were detached. Her knee was also broken and needed costly medical attention. Unfortunately, the couple who found her couldn’t afford the necessary orthopedic surgeries for her to recover. As a result, they had to consider euthanasia as an option, which was understandably heartbreaking. Nonetheless, the couple didn’t give up on Maisy and decided to take heroic measures to save her.

Small Yet Strong
Maisy underwent surgery that involved shaving her leg, allowing her true size to be revealed. It was apparent that Maisy was remarkably tiny. Samantha noted that without her bandage, Maisy’s size was even more noticeable. Weighing just 0.92kg, Maisy was a bit underweight for her stature. However, Samantha was determined to help Maisy gain some healthy weight to help her thrive. Although at first, Maisy lacked an appetite, Samantha felt relieved when she finally regained her appetite and started eating heartily again.

Maisy’s femur repair and tail amputation were challenging surgeries for someone of her size, but she’s been making impressive progress in her recovery. She’s becoming more robust and energetic every day and proving herself to be a brave little fighter. With Samantha as her supportive companion, Maisy will soon be up and running again.

Maisy’s dream of having a better life was slowly becoming a reality thanks to the kindness and generosity of those who donated, even if it was just a little. Samantha was overwhelmed with gratitude for the members of her online community who were there to support her every step of the way. “I am truly humbled by the outpouring of donations and encouragement we received for Maisy. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to save precious kittens like her,” Samantha expressed. She acknowledged that every single donation and share played a vital role in helping Maisy get to where she is now. The Fox Foster Kittens organization depends on these small but significant acts of kindness to keep their life-saving mission going strong.

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