“Unexpected Friendship Blossoms: Blind Cat Provides Comfort to Shelter Mate and Forms a Strong Bond”

During my trip to Morocco, a little kitten caught our attention as she was sitting in front of our apartment with no eyes. Our initial plan was to help her out, but the longer I stayed with her, the more I realized how attached I had become to her. Eventually, I decided to keep her as my own pet.



Initially, Liah wasn’t fond of Luna when I first brought her home. However, a couple of weeks into adopting Luna, she contracted chlamydia. Despite trying our best to nurse her back to health, Luna was unable to keep a close watch on Liah who was still adorable nonetheless.


She definitely sensed a change in the air and was clearly struggling, but her companion was there to offer solace and it eased her discomfort. As for their bond, their friendship is unbreakable, as evidenced by their love of playing fetch and ball – almost like a miniature soccer squad! They also enjoy pampering each other with baths.


It’s truly delightful having these animals in my life, whether they’re cuddling up next to me or sleeping peacefully by my side. It brings me so much joy to have them around. Check out more animal-related content in the Animal World category.

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