They Got Lost Together And Are Glad To Be Back Together Albeit In A Warm House

A North Carolina animal rights activist captured on the street seals from a wild cat colony (to castrate and release) and noticed two kittens who stuck together multiple times. She was able to rescue them, as well as a large number of other cats, to safety shortly before the snowstorm.

Two kittens were transported to the veterinarian facility and placed in separate cages for inspection. When Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue founder Sarah Kelly was asked for assistance, she went to pick them up.

“We fell in love with their personality as soon as we arrived and saw them sitting in cages.” Gus, the oldest one (who was seven months old at the time), was really peaceful. Spencer (the youngest, four months old) wanted to come out and receive attention as he sat and purred.

Spencer spun in place and mewed, affectionately stretching out his paw to Sarah. It was clear from the start that the kittens were hungry for attention and excited to finally be off the streets.

“We decided to put them in one carrier based on how they behave in neighboring cages – and this was the best decision.”

Gus, the elder cat, began lovingly washing Spencer’s muzzle right away.

“Spencer rolledaound gleefully, curled up in a ball.” “They slept the whole way home, cuddling close to each other,” Sarah explains.

“They are very close, we are surprised by this incredible bond between two males who are not biological brothers, but they really enjoy being around – they are so special.”

In their temporary home, the best friends quickly settled. They were cleansed and wormed and flea treated. They spent the day caressing and grooming each other, content in their new surroundings.

Kittens always keep an eye on one other and never sleep alone.

Gus and Spencer were neutered at the beginning of the week, and they came home purring and eager to be patted.

“Gus is the more caring of the two, while Spencer is the more restless and attention-seeking,” Sarah explains, “but they’re both loving, embracing, and wanting to snuggle up on your lap to get the affection for two.”

“Gus is very happy to be in good hands, away from the cold and snow. He and his brother Spencer are very tame!”

“They certainly aren’t from the same brood, since one is a few months older than the other, yet they get along!”

Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue wishes to reunite the cats since they have such a close relationship.

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