“The Tale of Derrick: A Feline without Ears on a Quest for a Forever Home”

The feline left behind is still patiently hoping for a loving family to adopt it from a shelter located in Berlin, Germany. Regrettably, despite the animal’s eagerness, no one has come forward yet to take it home.

Upon his arrival at the center in September 2015, Derrick, a tomcat estimated to be around ten years old, was in a weakened and malnourished state, with painful growths in his ear. The shelter’s veterinarians made the difficult decision to remove Derrick’s ears and ear canals due to the severity of his condition, which posed a threat to his eyes and nose. Derrick, who is now nearly deaf, has been ostracized by other cats and is described as a solitary creature by shelter staff, wandering the hallways alone.

According to shelter nurse Franka Muller in an interview with NWZonline, Derrick gets along well with dogs but has trouble communicating with other cats, which makes them uneasy around him. Despite being at the shelter for three months, no one has yet shown interest in adopting this unfortunate feline.


Although Derrick is not acknowledged by the other felines at the facility, he shares a special connection with the caretakers who have aided in his complete recovery.
Muller, one of the staff members, revealed that Derrick often joins her in the morning as she sits near the coffee table. This behavior showcases Derrick’s awareness of his uniqueness and their bond.


In case you’re currently located in Germany and considering adopting Derrick, kindly get in touch with Tierschutz Berlin through their Facebook page!