The Incredible Journey of a Hairless Pup: From Stray to Cherished Companion

Have you heard about Light Shine Canine? It’s an amazing non-profit organization that rescues and takes care of stray and abandoned dogs in Pine Ridge and other Indian Reservations in South Dakota. Once, they came across a cute little pup who was wandering around with no hair on her body. The kind-hearted team immediately took her under their wing and provided her with the necessary care she needed.

With no fur to go by, it was challenging for the volunteers to identify the breed or age of the pup. Nonetheless, they carefully observed and analyzed her and estimated that she was around two years old when she arrived at the rescue center.

Furless Rescue Dog Finally Gets Adopted And Recoʋers To Coмe To Be The Fluffiest Angel.JPG

When the volunteers first saw her, they noticed that the dog had red and irritated skin. They recognized the symptoms as chronic mange and other skin infections, which can be very painful for dogs. To make matters worse, the poor pup was extremely hungry and barely had the strength to eat when food was offered. Although she was initially called “Tiny Dancer,” she was later renamed Mikita when she was taken to a different dog rescue group.

Fortuitously, Mikita received excellent care from a Happy Tails Rescue volunteer who nursed her back to good health. With their diligent efforts, Mikita’s mange subsided, and her coat began to regrow. To everyone’s surprise, Mikita was later identified as a husky breed. That’s when Jessi Sova, a new human, came into her life. Jessi was seeking a companion for Kane, her rescued dog, and Mikita turned out to be the perfect fit.

Jessi stumbled upon Mikita’s story on Facebook and was immediately drawn to her. She wasted no time in applying to adopt Mikita and organizing a meeting. The introduction between Mikita, Jessi, and her dog, Kane, went smoothly, and they all bonded over Mikita’s sweet demeanor. As a result, Jessi was given the opportunity to adopt Mikita. However, shortly after adoption, they discovered that Mikita was suffering from discospondylitis, an infection in the vertebrae. Initially, surgery seemed necessary, but the vets suggested an intense course of antibiotics would lead to a full recovery. To pay for Mikita’s medical expenses, Jessi raised funds and donated any surplus money to charitable causes.

One evening, Jessi was awoken by Mikita’s cries and found out that Mikita was still in pain. Usually, Mikita wakes Jessi up at night when she needs something, but on that night, her cries were more intense than usual. Unfortunately, Mikita was unable to move her legs and needed immediate transportation to the hospital.

After a successful therapy session, Mikita has undergone a remarkable transformation and is now living as her true self – a caring, energetic, bubbly, and fluffy angel!

With her sibling Kane by her side, she can relax and even doze off without a worry. As they snuggle up together, their paws intertwine as a comforting gesture to ensure each other’s safety and happiness.

Mikita’s fur has grown back entirely after overcoming discospondylitis. Although she has some restrictions with regards to bending her back, she still relishes playing with Kane more than ever before.

Mikita put in a lot of effort to boost her physical power and endurance, but the end result was worth it. It’s clear that our four-legged friends can overcome any difficult situation they encounter with enough perseverance and attention.

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