Stealing the Spotlight: Jennifer Lopez Showcases her Toned Stomach at 54, Sizzling in Lace Underwear after Treating Herself to McDonald’s with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez, the famous 54-year-old actress best known for her role in “Maid in Manhattan,” has been confidently showing off her incredibly sculpted body all week long. From a stunning photo shoot in beige lingerie to a striking emerald green ensemble, she continues to display her enviable curves. In line with the release of her latest album titled “This Is Me… Now,” the multi-talented artist has partnered with the prestigious Italian lingerie brand, Intimissimi, for a promotional campaign. Adding to her eventful week, the devoted mother of 15-year-old twins, Emme and Max, whom she shares with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, was spotted alongside her current husband, Ben Affleck, at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru. The couple, happily married for one year, has further shown their affection towards Dunkin’ Donuts by collaborating on a commercial for the beloved Massachusetts-based brand.

Body by JLO: Jennifer Lopez has been flashing her incredibly toned figure all week - first in beige lingerie then in an emerald green set. And on Friday the 54-year-old Maid In Manhattan actress put her killer curves on display again, this time in black lacy underthings

This week, Jennifer Lopez, the renowned actress, has delightfully flaunted her perfectly toned figure. Whether she is sporting classy nude lingerie or rocking a stunning emerald green set, her outfits never fail to amaze. On Friday, the incredibly versatile 54-year-old star stunned once again, exuding confidence as she showcased her enviable curves in a captivating ensemble of black lace undergarments.

Oh mama: The Mother actress was promoting her collaboration with the Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi that ties in with her new album This Is Me... Now

Oh, dear mom: The talented actress who happens to be a mother was promoting her exciting collaboration with the renowned Italian lingerie brand, Intimissimi. This collaboration coincides with the release of her new album titled This Is me… Now. Despite being 54 years old, she appears to be in the best shape of her life, even though she occasionally gives in to indulging in junk food. With great enthusiasm, Lopez took to Instagram to endorse the brand, sharing, ‘I’m thrilled to introduce my @IntimissimiOfficial THIS IS mE…NOW collection ✨ From Verona to Hollywood and made with love @NormanJeanRoy,’ in her Instagram caption. In her stunning Instagram photoshoot, the captivating woman from the vibrant Bronx added the hashtag #thisismenow. In a press release issued by the brand on Wednesday, it was stated, ‘This collection signifies a significant new chapter in the creative partnership between the distinguished Italian brand and the beloved American icon, as they join forces to blend Intimissimi’s commitment to outstanding quality with Jennifer Lopez’s unique style.’ The collection takes direct inspiration from Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming album, This is me…Now, which delves into her transformative personal journey. The name of the collection, as well as the range of products, captures the essence of her growth, self-reflection, and embracing her authentic self. It has undoubtedly been a remarkable year for the talented star of Selena. In late August, she expressed her deep affection for her husband Affleck as she celebrated his 51st birthday with a heartfelt tribute. Additionally, the couple joyfully commemorated their first wedding anniversary in July, thrilling fans of the iconic Bennifer duo as they rekindled their famous romance in 2021. A source close to the couple revealed to People that the multi-talented star of Justice League is currently ‘happy and content’ in his married life with the incredibly captivating marry me singer. The insider divulged, ‘Everything is going well in his life.’

Aging backwards: She appears to be in the best shape of her life after turning 54, even if she does down junk food once in a while

Slowing down the aging process: Despite occasionally treating herself to unhealthy food options, she effortlessly defies the effects of time and appears more stunning than ever at the age of 54.

You glow girl: Lopez proudly plugged the lingerie brand on Instagram: 'Introducing my @IntimissimiOfficial THIS IS ME¿NOW collection ¿ From Verona to Hollywood and made with love @NormanJeanRoy,' wrote the sire in her Instagram caption

Radiating like a celestial entity, Lopez joyfully shared her endorsement of the widely acclaimed lingerie brand on her Instagram profile, exuberantly announcing, “Allow me to present my extraordinary collection, aptly named THIS IS mE…NOW, in collaboration with the exceptional @IntimissimiOfficial. Meticulously crafted with love by the brilliant @NormanJeanRoy, it seamlessly merges the charm of Verona with the allure of Hollywood.”

Made up: Rocking her signature smoky eyeshadow for the photoshoot, the Bronx-born beauty added the hashtag #thisismenow

Imaginary: Rocking her signature smoky eyeshadow in an enchanting photoshoot, the stunning beauty from the Bronx whimsically integrated the hashtag #celebratingwhoiambecoming.

Now in black and white: 'The collection marks an important second chapter in the creative partnership of the Italian brand and the American icon, who joined forces to blend Intimissimi's dedication to exceptional quality with Jennifer Lopez's distinctive style,' the brand's press release said on Wednesday

In a recent announcement made by the brand, it was revealed that the latest collection marks a significant milestone in the ongoing collaboration between the well-known Italian label and the renowned American icon. The combination of Intimissimi’s unwavering dedication to exquisite craftsmanship and Jennifer Lopez’s distinct fashion sense has resulted in an extraordinary partnership.

Jennifer Lopez, who is widely admired for her beauty and charm, regularly showcases her remarkable physique on Instagram, whether it’s through candid snapshots or fashion collaborations. Recently, the talented artist generated quite a buzz online when she shared a makeup-free selfie in bed, donning an elegant green nightgown. Alongside the photo, she added the hashtag #motivationmonday, capturing the attention of her followers with her captivating gaze aimed directly at the camera. Not one to keep her devoted supporters waiting for too long, the accomplished businesswoman also surprised her fans by releasing exclusive and previously unseen pictures from her wedding to Ben, in celebration of their first anniversary.

Setting her charm free: The seductive performer from the movie Hustlers left little to the imagination as she showcased her captivating lingerie ensemble in an enchanting photo shoot.

Drawn that way: 'The collection draws direct inspiration from Jennifer Lopez's upcoming album, This is me...Now which delves into her deeply transformative journey of personal development. 'The name of the collection and product assortment encapsulates the essence of her evolution, self- reflection, and embracing her true self'

Taking inspiration from the eagerly awaited album, This is me…Now, by the iconic Jennifer Lopez, this captivating collection draws on her extraordinary personal voyage of maturation and soul-searching. The name of the assemblage aptly encapsulates the core of her metamorphosis, contemplation, and wholehearted acceptance of her genuine self.

On the edge: She sat on the edge of a caramel beige velvet sofa; notice the old school phone on the left

Sitting right on the edge: Discover her in complete ease, nestled on the smooth caramel-colored velvet couch, beside an old-fashioned telephone that adds a touch of fascination.

Sketchy look: The lingerie set was sketched as well with JLo having bling on her wrist