Sizzling Style: Kourtney Kardashian Rocks Black Backless Swimsuit Poolside on Family Vacation

Later that evening, she and her family were set to attend a friend’s wedding. But before that, Kourtney Kardashian wanted to make sure she was ready for the celebration. So, she squeezed in a quick sunbathing session by the pool with her friends, Simon Huck and Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. The 37-year-old was seen enjoying the Miami sunshine on Saturday, emerging from the pool in a stylish black backless bathing suit.

After getting back on solid ground, the celebrity dried herself off and joined her friends to soak up some more sun. She lounged with her pals, each of them relaxing on either side. Kourtney covered her waist with a white towel and made sure her oversized circular sunglasses were perfectly in place.

Without a doubt, the TV personality was having a great time unwinding in the afternoon, and fortunately, she didn’t have to go far to get a nice cold drink. Two refreshing beverages were placed on a tiny table next to her sun lounger.

Kourtney later posted a photo on Instagram capturing the relaxing sunbathing moment with her two friends.