Sister Wives: How Kody’s Zodiac Sign Fits With His Wives’ Sun Signs

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Sister Wives’ Kody Brown is a Capricorn Sun sign. The astrological signs of his wives explain the initial strength and fallout with each of them.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives once developed strong bonds with each of his wives, unmistakably due to their compatible zodiac signs. In a marriage dynamic as unique as the Brown family’s, all the wives’ Sun signs needed to match Kody’s Capricorn Sun sign. Unfortunately, their marriages weren’t in the stars because the Brown family fell apart.

Kody was born on January 17, 1969, in Lovell, Wyoming. Capricorn season runs from December 22 to January 19. Symbolized by “the Sea-Goat,” the Capricorn zodiac placement is a Cardinal Earth sign. As a Cardinal sign, Capricorns are natural leaders who have no problem putting facts over feelings. Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorns are capable and responsible. Common strengths of Capricorns include being disciplined, strategic, and determined. Flaws often attributed to a Capricorn’s character include being cynical, condescending, and fearful.

Meri Kody Brown’s Zodiac Compatibility

A sign of a kindred pair, Kody’s first wife, Meri Caroline Brown, shares her husband’s Capricorn Sun sign. Entering the world just two years and one day after Kody, Meri was born on January 16, 1971, in Alameda, California. Like Kody, Meri’s Sun sign conveys the sister wife’s responsible and disciplined nature. Due to their severe qualities, a relationship between two Capricorns has pros and cons. One major strength Kody and Meri had going for their marriage is their shared determination and discipline. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, as Meri and Kody split in December 2022.

Janelle Kody Brown’sCompatibility

Kody’s second wife, Janelle Brown, was born on May 5, 1969, in Salt Lake City, Utah. May 5 is right in the middle of the Taurus season, which ranges from April 20 to May 20. A Fixed Earth sign, Tauruses are known to be stubborn, grounded, and reliable. Kody’s Capricorn Sun sign is compatible with Janelle’s Taurus zodiac placement. This is because both signs share the Earth element, meaning Capricorns and Tauruses can understand each other on a deep level without great effort. Obviously, they didn’t understand each other quite enough, as Janelle and Kody split for good in December 2022.

Christine Kody Brown’s Compatibility

Kody’s third wife, Christine Ruth Brown, was born on April 18, 1972, in Taylorsville, Utah. This means Christine was born in the Aries season, which stretches from March 21 to April 19. Aries and Capricorns are tricky because they are both very intense and competitive signs. Unsurprisingly, due to their Zodiac signs and much more, Christine and Kody separated in 2021.

Robyn Kody Brown’s Compatibility

Finally, Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn Alice Brown, was born on October 9, 1978, making her a Libra. Libra and Capricorns are two of the least alike signs of the zodiac. While Libras value supportive emotional spaces, Capricorns value sarcastic ambivalence. When Libra and Capricorns make relationships work, it’s out of wonder for their disparity. Ironically, Robyn is the only sister wife who hasn’t left Kody.

Overall, according to the stars, not every marriage of Kody’s looks great on paper or in reality. Where Meri and Janelle’s respective Capricorn and Taurus signs find much in common with Kody’s Capricorn Sun, Christine’s Aries sign and Robyn’s Libra sign are less compatible. Currently, it looks like none of the Sister Wives are compatible with Kody.

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