SHOCKING TWIST!!! ‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Takes Road Trip, Brings Sisters Together

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is happily spending more time with her children these days. She made a

fun trip to Disney with Gabriel and Savanah. Now, she’s winding up an exciting road trip with Savanah


Where are the Brown women headed? Keep reading to find out more about their fun adventure.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from YouTube

Savanah Janelle Brown Embark On An Exciting Journey Together

After Garrison Brown passed away, his mother Janelle vowed to spend more time with her surviving children. And it seems that she’s kept up with that goal.

Over the past few months, Janelle has spent quite a bit of time with her daughter Maddie Brush in North Carolina. She’s also been spotted on outings with the other children.

But this week, she and Savanah decided to hit the road.

Gabe Brown, Janelle Brown, and Savanah Brown from Janelle's InstagramJanelle Brown/Instagram

“Last day of a 4 day road trip to bring Savanah and her dog to Maddie’s for the summer! Really ready to not be driving anymore 😀” Janelle captioned her sweet Instagram post. The photo features Janelle and Savanah buckled in and ready to drive.

Other Instagram users felt delighted to know that Savanah planned to spend the summer at her big sister’s house. Plenty of the other Brown family children have spent summers at Maddie’s in North Carolina. Even though Maddie and her family live so far away, their door is always open for her siblings.

Plenty of others remarked how grown-up Savanah Brown is these days. When Sister Wives premiered, she was just a little girl learning to spell her own name.

Instagram users wrote:

“Awww as a big sister I love how all the kiddos always wanna go to Maddie’s! 🥰😂💜”“Savannah looks so grown up now. Time goes too fast ❤️”“Janelle, Your smile 😃 shows your love for your children 💖”“Wow!! She has grown so much. She looks so beautiful. God bless!! ❤️

Will The TLC Star Ultimately Move To North Carolina?

Janelle Brown lives in Flagstaff. But in the wake of Garrison’s death, many Sister Wives fans think she’s planning a permanent move to North Carolina.

After all, Maddie is the mother of Janelle’s three biological grandchildren. It makes perfect sense to spend more time out east, especially following Janelle’s split from Kody Brown.

Filming Sister Wives might be more difficult if the TLC star moves. But at the end of the day, fans just want Janelle to be happy.

What do you think about Janelle and Savanah’s trip to North Carolina? Are you excited to learn that Savanah plans to spend the summer with her big sister? Leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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