SHOCKING NEWS!!! Update News: Is Kody Out and Christine In – Hint from TLC?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown might end up in Kody Brown‘s place as the leader of a TLC show.

Recent photos seem to hint at that possibility. He doesn’t seem to have a show about polygamy anymore.

Over the last couple of seasons, it’s more like the viewers watch the aftermath of polygamy gone bad. So,

is TLC changing things up a bit? It looks like they offer a clue in the latest profile photo for Sister Wives’ upcoming new season.

Sister Wives: Taking the Temperature of Kody Brown His Brides

What is TLC trying to tell the fans of this reality series? They first had their social media profile photo with all five spouses as usual. But it looked different from seasons past.

No one faced Kody Brown except Robyn Brown. Then Christine Brown was out in front standing in a rather defiant pose. So, it looked as if Robyn and Kody were fine, but the other wives’ body language seems to speak volumes in the top photo below.

Sister Wives: Season 17 Promo Photos

Now another change for the Sister Wives promo page posted. It has the defiant-looking Christine all by herself. For years, viewers used these promo photos to gauge the temperature of the season.

So, if this is the case today, then a few of these spouses spiked a temperature going into season 17. It also looks as if Kody and Robyn are on their own with the way Meri and Janelle pose in that pic above.

Is Kody Finished and Christine Brown Just Starting?

Christine Brown did something that left her endearing to fans. Despite loving Kody Brown, she saw herself as not important to him. At the same time, she felt another wife climb very high on his list. So, then Christine decided that she wasn’t ready to settle.

She said that she signed up to be one of Kody’s Sister Wives. But Christine also said she agreed to become an equal wife, although that wasn’t the case for her.

Fans of the TLC show immediately ralliedaound Christine. She not only left Kody and the family, but she also vowed no more polygamy for her.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Fans urged the network to give her a show of her own. Well, it seems as if they compromised by setting Christine Brown up with a digital cooking show. But as much as they loved to see her, fans wanted more.

They wanted a show where they could follow Christine after the demise of her Sister Wives’ life. So, did the powers-who-be make that happen? Some folks think the promo pick showing only the former third wife of Kody hints at that.

Sister Wives: Make Way for Christine?

If this is the case, then Kody may have his nose out of joint. Fans of the show can’t imagine how he could make a comeback after the disastrous last few seasons.

Viewers are convinced that polygamy is long gone in that family. But if Christine ends up with her own show, jealousy is bound to surface. Look how snarky Meri Brown got when her Sister Wives’ co-wife started that cooking show.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Fans thought she suggested that Christine Brown took the idea from her. She seemed to throw a few digs at her co-wife during her own digital show, Friday with Friends. This is not a TLC-produced show, just something Meri started with a friend. But it is very entertaining to watch.

So, while TLC might be dangling that carrot again, only time will tell. Will fans see Kody Brown handing over the keys to Christine Brown as Sister Wives seems to disintegrate before your very eyes?

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