SHOCKING NEWS!!! Sister Wives: Garrison’s Passing Is Affecting Kody Robyn’s Marriage?

Kody and Robyn have always been the famous inseparable couple of Sister Wives. The former sacrificed

his relationship with his other wives just for his fourth wife’s sake. Hence, it was evident that these two

were soulmates, and their chemistry was also visible on the screen. But now it seems that their marriage

has also started to fall apart.

It appears that Garrison’s death left a mark on Kody’s mind, and he isn’t able to overcome the loss. Several sources stated that he is not in his right mind. And his grief is now becoming the reason behind the downfall of his marriage. Is this true? What is Kody up to?

Garrison Brown took his own life before mending fences with Kody. He wasn’t on good terms with his father and didn’t even bother to reconcile with him before ending his life. Hence, this has clearly impacted Sister Wives star’s mental health as his son left with a lot of unsaid and unheard words. That could be the reason why he is “not okay at all” and taking his own time to deal with his grief.


A source recently revealed that Kody is “just in a very dark place right now.” It pointed out his tendency to get into the “dark” whenever he is “upset.” Earlier, viewers witnessed Kody playing the blame game and doing mean stuff with Christine, Janelle, and Meri whenever he wasn’t in a good place.

After Garrrion’s death, TheSun confirmed that Kody isn’t in the right mind and is depressed these days. Hence, there is a fair chance that he would end up ruining his only marriage with Robyn. This is because he no longer has many wives who can collectively bear his tantrums. The noted source confirmed that Kody’s “mental state” has already started to affect his relationship with Robyn. It explains how he has built a wall around him, which is leading to the downfall of his marriage.

Sister Wives: Kody Is Showing All Signs Of Depression! Is He Fine?

There have been several instances when Sister Wives star Kody Brown was spotted in a devastating manner after Garrison’s death. Some fans recently saw him wandering in a mall in Las Vegas. The celeb was featured walking in a strange manner, and some viewers even ended up calling it a “grief therapy picture.” But that’s not all.


Kody also attended Garrison’s memorial, which the Nevada National Guard held. He sat in the front row with Robyn, and he appeared to be lost most of the time. A source even claimed that he was “standoffish” and he was more resistant in mingling. Yet the celeb “manned up” and even showed his “vulnerable” side.

Kody didn’t even sit near Janelle and appeared to be really sad. Fans were quick to catch the air of these pictures and concluded that Garrison’s death had a devastating effect on him. He is seemingly trying hard to get over it, and things aren’t falling in his favor. Keep coming back to TV Season Spoilers for the latest Sister Wives tea.

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