SHOCKING NEWS!! It’s Over! Panic Attacks! Kody Brown And Aurora Drops New Newlyweds To Be | It Will Shock You

### It’s Over! Panic Attacks! Kody Brown And Aurora Drops New Newlyweds To Be | It Will Shock You

In the upcoming episode of *Sister Wives* titled “It’s Over! Panic Attacks! Kody Brown And Aurora

Drops New Newlyweds To Be | It Will Shock You,” Kody Brown is depicted grappling with immense grief

following the tragic loss of his son Garrison Brown on March 5, 2024. Despite his sorrow, many still perceive Kody as a cold and detached figure. Over the show’s 18 seasons, Kody has undergone significant changes, transforming from a cheerful and patient man to someone more hardened and jaded. While his bond with his “queen,” Robyn Brown, remains strong, his relationships with his other wives have deteriorated.

Kody, who once ruled the Brown family with a firm hand, often appeared dictatorial, abusing his power and failing to show gratitude to those who deserved it. His lack of self-awareness and tendency to blame others for the problems he created have only compounded his issues. Instead of receiving support after his son’s death, Kody faced severe criticism from viewers, who did not hold back in expressing their disdain on social media. When Kody postedaout Garrison’s passing on Instagram, he disabled comments, but viewers continued to attack him relentlessly on previous posts.

On April 10, Janelle Brown, Garrison’s mother, paid tribute to him, highlighting her efforts to save him before his death. Despite Kody’s shortcomings as a parent, he deserves empathy during this challenging time. The distance between him and Garrison only adds to his pain, as he now has to cope with unresolved issues and guilt.

Kody’s favoritism towards Robyn has caused significant strife within the family. His relationships with his other wives and their children have suffered, with many attributing the family’s breakdown to his preferential treatment of Robyn. This favoritism was particularly evident during Season 18 when Kody and Janelle had a major fallout over COVID-19 safety measures. Janelle, who had to manage the pandemic alone, clashed with Kody over his strict guidelines, leading to further isolation and tension within the family.

Christine Brown, another of Kody’s wives, left him after enduring years of feeling sidelined. She eventually found happiness with David Woolley, highlighting the contrast between her life with Kody and her new, fulfilling relationship. Meanwhile, Meri Brown, who had been waiting for Kody’s forgiveness after a catfishing incident, grew increasingly distant as her hopes dwindled.

Despite the turmoil, Kody’s love for Robyn remains a source of both strength and contention. While their bond appears strong, his other relationships continue to suffer. The family’s plural marriage, once celebrated, now seems fraught with challenges and regret. The loss of Garrison only exacerbates these issues, as Kody struggles to navigate his grief and the ongoing criticisms from both his family and viewers.

The latest episode promises dramatic developments. Christine and Janelle celebrate Easter with their children, showcasing both warm family moments and underlying tensions. Kody accuses Christine and Janelle of trying to keep their children away from him, adding to the familial discord. However, Kody expresses a desire to mend broken relationships, offering a glimmer of hope for reconciliation.

As the Brown family continues to navigate their complex dynamics, viewers are left to ponder the future of their relationships. Kody’s struggle with grief, his fraught relationships, and the ongoing challenges within the family paint a poignant picture of a man caught between love, loss, and responsibility.

For fans of *Sister Wives*, this episode provides a deep dive into the emotional struggles and evolving relationships within the Brown family. As the season progresses, viewers will witness the ongoing fallout and attempts at reconciliation, highlighting the intricate and often painful reality of plural marriage.

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