SECRET NEWS!! “Sister Wives” Fans Think Robyn Brown Holding Out For Marriage 10-Year Mark

Although the Browns are grieving the unthinkable loss of Garrison Brown, in many ways

their world has stood still. However, amid the tragic loss, some fans believe Kody and

Robyn Brown may be poised for divorce. Currently, ideas are circulating of cracks in the

foundation of Kody and Robyn’s relationship. Furthermore, they think those cracks are waiting to crumble the entire marriage. However, some Sister Wives viewers think that Robyn is strategically holding off until the ten-year mark to pull the plug.

Robyn Brown, Sister Wives

Grief Looks Different For Everyone

While the news of Garrison Brown has been earth-shattering for the entire Brown family, it has also brought out feelings in the Sister Wives community. Seemingly, the Brown’s world stopped with the surreal death of Garrison. However, many of the family members express they are picking up the pieces. Additionally, they are continuing to move forward despite the devasting tragedy. Likewise, fans are also trying to find a way through the loss, and grief looks different for everyone. At times, it requires distractions to allow people to fully cope. On Reddit, a Sister Wives viewer brought up a topic about Kody and Robyn Brown, perhaps in an effort to think of something different.

Janelle and Kody Brown give a joint message about Garrison Brown. - InstagramJanelle and Kody Brown give a joint message about Garrison Brown. – Instagram

Are Kody And Robyn Brown Heading For Divorce?

Albeit difficult to discuss the Browns while they are enduring the unfathomable loss, some fans resolve to return to “normalcy.” One Reddit user brings up a discussion about Kody and Robyn Brown’s marriage. They say, “K and R being legally married 10 years this Dec.” Then they kick off the conversation with, “Does anyone else think Sobyn is going to kick him to the curb once the 10-year marriage mark is fulfilled in a community property state (AZ) in December and she has her name on so much real-estate?” Furthermore, the Sister Wives viewer talks about Robyn seemingly “laying the groundwork” to introduce their divorce. Noting that Robyn says, “he’s been unpleasant, picking fights, and being horrid since C left on him on film.”

Robyn and Kody Brown - YouTube, TLCRobyn and Kody Brown – YouTube, TLC

Other Fans Weigh In On Robyn Brown Holding Out Until The 10-Year Mark

Several Sister Wives fans gave their thoughts on Robyn Brown being in a “holding pattern” until the ten-year mark arrives.

“I’ve been wondering if she was laying foreshadowing for her departure from the relationship, too. She seems visibly annoyed by him whenever they’re on-screen together and as you say, she’s made comments about him that made it on the air. This is either something they staged together to make it seem like the situation is taking a toll on them but they will persevere, she’s building up to leaving him, or she’s just genuinely tired of pretending that he isn’t the most obnoxious person on Earth.”“Granted, I’m not a Sobyn fan, but I think she’s laying groundwork for being a victim again to prove yet another abusive husband.” Andaother person agrees it would be easy with how “erratic” Kody has been acting.“What I’m curious about is if she would get a boost in sympathy or popularity if she left Kody and vilified him on the way out.”

Robyn Brown Would Have Significant Reason To Wait

Additionally, at the ten-year mark, ex-spouses have more rights to their past partner’s benefits. Seemingly, if Robyn Brown were considering divorce, there would be significant reasons to stay for at least ten years. According to CNBC, David Freitag, a financial planning consultant and Social Security expert at MassMutual, there are significant benefits to waiting for divorce until they are in a marriage for ten years.

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