Saving a Handicapped Dalmatian: A Story of Kindness and Optimism by a Canine Enthusiast in China

Back in 2017, a little Dalmatian pooch, Emma Roo, had to go through a very traumatic incident when she was just eight weeks old. She lost two of her legs when she was in a Chinese slaughterhouse, which was quite devastating. The event took place in Xi’An, China, and it was reported by the Daily Mail that she also lost parts of her ears and tail.

Fortunately, a young pooch was rescued and given the necessary treatment at a veterinary facility in Beijing. The furry friend spent a couple of years under the care of a foster family before returning to the same clinic in 2019. Unfortunately, adopting rescue dogs is not a popular practice in China, prompting animal activists to contact the Dalmatian Rescue Association based in South Florida. Inspired by the touching tale of Emma, a passionate dog lover was motivated to make a difference.

Misha Hunt, a young woman from Charleston, South Carolina, who works as a guest services coordinator, instantly fell in love with Emma Roo when they were introduced. They formed an instant bond as both of them had a strong connection as human and furry friend. Soon enough, on April 26th, 2020, Hunt became the delighted owner of the cute little puppy. She reminisces about how Emma Roo captured her heart from the very beginning.

Emma’s physical wounds were inflicted by humans, a sad reality for “less common” breeds that often face cruel treatment and mutilation. Misha reveals that Emma suffers from fear and anxiety triggered by loud noises reminiscent of past traumatic events.

The poor dog, Emma, is also suffering from a birth defect on her hind paw which caused her to have some missing toes. According to the veterinarian who assessed her condition, this was the main reason why she was abandoned at an early age, as she was deemed unmarketable. Ms. Hunt shared Emma’s emotional journey during her first few days in her new home. She would scream loudly whenever left alone and fiercely protect her food and toys, even random pieces of clothing. Emma is also scared of men, so Ms. Hunt decided to hire a male massage therapist who visits her once a week, and this has significantly improved Emma’s behavior.

Towards the end of January 2020, Emma Roo made her way to the United States. However, it wasn’t long before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world by storm. Misha recounts how she stumbled upon Emma Roo online and instantly fell in love with her captivating amber eyes, feeling convinced that their meeting was destined to be.

From the very beginning, Misha and Emma were fortunate to receive assistance from rescue organizations. Dalmatian Rescue went above and beyond to aid Emma, who has two legs, by procuring a personalized front wheel cart. Additionally, Bionic Pets and Joey’s P.A.W. provided Emma with prosthetics through a successful social media fundraising campaign. Emma Roo’s Instagram page boasts an impressive ten-thousand-strong following, providing continuous updates on her progress and encouraging people to consider adopting rescue dogs.

Misha created a Facebook page to share the story of Emma Roo and raise funds for her custom-made cart, but she still keeps the page up because she believes her beloved furry friend’s story deserves to be told. As time passes, Misha notices that Emma Roo’s unique personality shines through more and more, which fills her with happiness. Emma Roo is now living in a loving home where she enjoys playing catch and making friends with other dogs. Thanks to the love and care she receives, Emma Roo has come to realize that there are many fun activities to enjoy in the world. Misha reveals that Emma Roo’s favorite place to go is the beach, where she loves swimming and playing in the water.

Misha’s furry companion was overjoyed on the sandy beach, running around without any limitations. It was a heartwarming sight for Misha, who couldn’t resist shedding tears of joy. In support of animal rights, Misha sells t-shirts with the message “stand up for those who can’t” and donates the profits to organizations fighting against animal cruelty. Misha doesn’t shy away from discussing sensitive issues like the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China where an estimated 10,000 dogs are brutally killed and consumed each year in a 10-day event. Despite laws prohibiting this practice, it still persists in many countries. While she is careful to approach this topic sensitively with younger audiences, Misha remains an outspoken opponent of the dog-meat trade. Misha also promotes the idea of caring for differently-abled canines through Emma’s story, emphasizing that it’s not as challenging as people may think.

Numerous people believe that the dog should have been euthanized because of her emotional turmoil. However, as I watch this lively and happy twenty-five-pound dog, I cannot imagine the thought of ending her life.

Ms. Hunt recommends that seeking assistance from credible groups is the most effective way to secure a bright future for your furry companions. She has a deep admiration for dogs and firmly believes that every pup has the potential to be a hero, and thus should be given a fair chance to thrive in life.

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