Rihanna’s Bold Fashion Choice: Rocking The Grinch Glam with Cozy Green Bra and Sweats from Savage x Fenty Lingerie Collection!

Rihanna embraced her playful side on Thursday as she sported a cozy green bra and sweatpants combo from her own Savage x Fenty lingerie collection. Playfully channeling the iconic character from Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch, the singer posed on a plush shag rug, captivating the camera with a charming smile.

Ready for the holidays: Rihanna channeled Dr. Seuss' The Grinch in a fuzzy green bra and matching sweats from Savage x Fenty on Thursday

“It’s the perfect time to embrace the cozy Grinch vibes,” she playfully penned in the slideshow description. “Head over to savagex.com and explore the latest collection from @savagexfenty, along with a wonderful array of holiday gifts waiting for you.”

'It’s cozy grinch season,' she captioned her slideshow. 'Pick up dis new @savagexfenty and more holiday goodies now at savagex.com'

With her lengthy locks gracefully braided, she proudly flaunted her well-defined abs and a handful of tattoos. Among her body art collection was an eye-catching depiction of Isis’ majestic wingspan, gracefully adorning her bosom. It was evident that A$AP Rocky, her romantic partner and renowned rapper, also sported a striking tribal tattoo on his hand. When asked about its significance, she had once expressed that it symbolized a powerful bond and unwavering affection.

Strike a pose: In another close-up image, she can be seen beaming at the camera with a sly smile, before playfully throwing her arms in the air

The luxurious ‘Fluff It Up Bralette’ is priced at $32.95, while the accompanying sleeper trousers come at a price of $64.95. Alongside Savage X Fenty, Rihanna has recently decided to promote the products of her other Fenty-branded businesses ahead of the holiday season.

Total package: The Only Girl (In The World) singer paired her bottoms with a matching button up and a bralette top that highlighted her bust

Currently, the musician is the proud owner of the highly popular Fenty Beauty cosmetics line, which can only be purchased at Sephora. Additionally, she also launched the Fenty Skin line for skincare enthusiasts just last year. Notably, back in 2013, the talented singer took the initiative to trademark the name ‘Fenty’, and over the years, she’s registered more than 25 trademarks, including her own name and her various corporate brands. It’s worth mentioning that in partnership with the renowned high-end fashion company LVMH, Rihanna successfully launched Savage X Fenty after five years.

Doing it herself: Rihanna was seen promoting her cosmetics venture in a video that was shared to her Instagram account this past Wednesday

Rihanna, the renowned artist who gained fame for her chart-topping tracks, also made waves in the beauty industry with the launch of her Fenty Beauty line back in 2017. This cosmetic collection has garnered immense popularity ever since. Demonstrating her love for the diverse range of products, the singer took to Instagram to share a video showcasing the eyeshadow palettes and various other cosmetics from the Fenty Beauty line. In the video, Rihanna expressed her admiration for these products, mentioning that she has been favoring them recently.

Opening up: Rihanna spoke about starting her cosmetics brand during an interview with InStyle, where she noted that she wanted to build her public profile before launching her company

she began her venture into the cosmetics industry. Rihanna wanted to create a line that was not only effective, but also respected and admired by industry professionals and women everywhere. She personally demonstrated the effectiveness of her products by using them on her own face for her dedicated followers to see. In an interview with InStyle, she revealed that she made it a priority to address the concerns and needs of her fans, especially when it came to accommodating various skin tones. This commitment to inclusivity was something that held great importance for her. Starting with foundation, the first makeup item she ever fell in love with, Rihanna aimed to create a brand that made everyone feel welcome and catered to their unique beauty needs.