One of the saddest and most pitiful stories is about a dog with a deformed nose and teeth. But the dog still has the strength to live well with his loving owner

A dog, who ɩost its nose after being attacked by other dogs, is in dire need of a loving home. fortunately, after a local news story covered its plight, numerous potentiaɩ adopters have come forward to offer the dog a hopeful future.

Sniffles the dog has had a rough existence so far, being abandoned in Puerto Rico, where it was attacked by other wiɩd dogs and suffered all sorts of health problems.

But since he came to the US for medicaɩ care and a Florida-based animal rescue organization made his story public, Sniffles is starting to get much better — and could soon find his way around. a house.

Sniffles are said to have lived in very poor conditions in Puerto Rico. He was infected with a variety of parasites, including hookworms and whipworms, and was in dire need of dental care.

Moreover, he no longer has a nose, after he was attacked by other wiɩd dogs which left him with various wounds and other diseases.

After he was discovered in Puerto Rico by a local animal rescue group, he was eventually adopted to a family in the US, where it was believed he could receive good medicaɩ treatment. than.

However, his position did not last long. Sniffles kept on the run, and since he needed constant medicaɩ attention, this put him in even more danger.

He was eventually adopted by Poodle and Pooch rescue in Florida, a volunteer organization that rescues more than 500 to 600 dogs a year.

The rescue landed him on December 19, and quickly began trying to find him a home, earning him a December 24 profile on WESH, a news station of Orlando.

Then Sniffles’ fortunes changed. At least 100 people have called the shelter to express interest in adopting him, and his story continues to spread.

Rebecca Lynch, a spokeswoman for the shelter, said: ‘He will need an adopter to clean his nose twice daily and someone who will give him daily eye drops to treat a condition called a disease dry eyes”. to‘He was full of parasites, both hookworms and whipworms, indicating the unclean living conditions prior to our care.

‘He also tested positive for Ehrlichia, a tick that causes disease. We are treating him and he will make a full recovery.

But despite iɩɩness and hardship, Sniffles is resilient and still loves people.

“Sniffles is a resilient boy,” Lynch added. ‘Despite his past, and after some initiaɩ shyness and confusion, Sniffles has really begun to come out of his shell.

‘It loves to snuggle, wag its tail, spend time outside, interact well with other dogs and it makes lovely little snorts due to its condition.

‘He’s such a lovely and happy dog and we’re glad he’s gained so much attention since his story was broadcast locally in Central Florida.

‘While Sniffles’ looks are distinct, his story, alas, is not. Sniffles are just one of the special needs dogs we take in to our rescue every week.

While rescuers are currently exploring some of the great options they have for Sniffles, they hope those who don’t take the dog home will adopt another special needs pet. giving or rearing animals.

Meanwhile, a local woman named Genesis Diaz raised Sniffles.

“I woke up this morning and it was next to my bed, staring at me, then it ran over, turnedaound a bit and started licking my face,” she told WESH.

The animal rescuers were also mesmerized.

‘He’s just a wonderful old man. Michelle Wacker, medicaɩ director of Poodle and Pooch rescue, says everyone at the vet’s office loves the dog. ‘He is a healthy dog. He looks a little weird.’

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