Even though Jennifer Aniston received accolades from prestigious awards like the Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice, and SAG, she surprisingly didn’t get an Oscar nod. But instead of being upset, she took it in stride and humorously dubbed herself the “top snubbed” guest on The Ellen Show. On the show, Ellen also had some fun teasing Aniston about a famous topless photo in a light-hearted and playful manner.

During her recent appearance on The Ellen Show, Jennifer Aniston maintained a positive attitude about not being nominated for an Oscar for her role in Cake. Ellen complimented Jennifer’s performance in the movie, which is slated for release on January 23. Ellen also touched on the buzz surrounding Jennifer not receiving a nomination, to which Jennifer responded with a light-hearted joke about being the “top snubbed.” Despite the lack of recognition from the Academy, Jennifer managed to find a bright side to the situation.

That talk show was absolutely fantastic! The host, who is almost 56, had us cracking up with her witty remarks about a scandalous picture of a 45-year-old star. But wait, there’s more! She also teased us with a preview of a new film that delves into a woman’s quest to discover purpose in the midst of overwhelming obstacles. The movie tracks her struggles with chronic pain, addiction, and the ultimate decision of whether to persevere or give up. It sounds like an emotional rollercoaster that we’re eager to see!

Ellen recently posted a photo on social media showing two women hugging topless, but with her and Jennifer’s faces edited onto the bodies for a more personal touch. During a conversation with Jennifer, Ellen brought up a topless picture of herself in Allure magazine, where she was embracing Chris McMillan, the hairstylist known for giving her the famous ‘The Rachel’ haircut on Friends. While Ellen didn’t see anything unusual about the photo, it has sparked a lot of discussion among fans, with some even questioning Jennifer’s partner, Justin Theroux, for his thoughts on the matter.

The lead actress of the film Cake flaunted her gorgeous legs in a stylish white mini-dress that turned heads when she made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She also shared a cringe-worthy moment when a photo of her hugging a shirtless man went viral, leading to misconceptions and gossip. To set the record straight, she explained that the man was just like a brother to her, and the photo was entirely innocent. However, the situation became even more awkward when Ellen pointed out how strange her explanation may have sounded.

Ellen chose to look on the bright side of things, pointing out that not being nominated can still be a rewarding experience. She acknowledged that the buzz and conversations surrounding being left out of the nominations can be seen as a form of achievement in itself.

Jennifer jokingly boasted about her talent for ignoring people, but she preferred to see the silver lining in every situation and stay positive. She acknowledged that she was in a tricky spot when it came to her feelings for Chris. While she viewed him as a good friend with a hint of charm, she wasn’t at ease with the idea of taking a picture in a tight embrace with one of her female friends.

Jennifer and Ellen enthusiastically participated in a lively game, brimming with laughter and fun, as they competed to accurately throw cake at onlookers’ faces. This competitive yet friendly activity added an extra element of enjoyment and delight to the event.