NEW HEARTBREAKING! ‘Sister Wives’ Gabe Brown Introduces Hot New Girlfriend?

Has Sister Wives star Gabe Brown introduced his hot new girlfriend? Young love is in

the air in the Brown family, especially among the Brown children. Now, it appears

that Janelle Brown’s son is showing off a new lady love and she looks so fun. So, when

and where did the two pop up? Plus, what does she look like? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Gabe Brown Introduces Hot New Girlfriend?

Gabe Brown was crucified when the pandemic began for having a girlfriend, Payton. They were both students and she was particularly cautious. This was one thing that Gabe wanted his father, Kody Brown to know. Payton was not out there partying and being reckless but kept to herself. Unfortunately, Kody believed that Gabe and his brother, Garrison should be thrown out of their home for continuing to live their lives. It did not matter how cautious they were being. Moreover, Gabe took exception to the fact that his dad did not even want to try to get to know Payton.

Gabe Brown Sister Wives YouTubeGabe-YouTube

Kody did not even care to understand the depths of their romance. Time has passed since then and it is clear Kody and his sons are not on a great page. In the clip for the upcoming Season 18, it is pointed out by the boys that they do not even need a father at this point. Now that the boys do not care and are continuing on with their lives, they are celebrating life. Hunter Brown recently celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday and Gabe happened to be there. With him was a new woman, sweetly sitting on his lap, see in a post on Instagram.

Sister Wives-InstagramGabe New GF-Instagram

Immediately fans headed to Reddit to ask who she was. More so, they wanted to know if she was the same one who Kody threw a fit over during the pandemic. As one Redditor pointed it clearly was not as Payton was mousier and more girl next door while this lady is more exotic and funkier. Though fans wondered if they were together, one responded: “Your guess is as good as mine but obviously they look very coupled up.

Young Love

Fans continued to debate if Gabe Brown was soft launching his new lady friend. “Judging from where his hand is and how she’s sitting on his lap, one would think so, right?” Yet others did note that friends sit like this all of the time but would Payton approve? If she is not his girlfriend, this might mean he is on the market. However, there is a lot of love going around. His sister, Gwendlyn Brown just tied the knot while his other sister, Ysabel Brown showed off her new beau. Plus, his father’s former wife, Christine Brown is planning her wedding so it’s the perfect time for a Brown romance.

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