Neglected Cat With Severe Infection Finally Gets The Care She Deserves

CALIFORNIA – This gorgeous kitty named Skimble Skypaws was a stray in Los Angeles, California, and the six-year-old cat was in terrible shape!

However, the Good Samaritan just couldn’t walk away. Michelle of Milo’s Sanctuary stated to Love Meow:

Plenty of other people had seen the poor cat begging for help, and they just walked away. It’s true, that the kitty may have been a bit difficult to look at. He had an exceptionally large pink mass on his nose that was hard to miss.

Unfortunately, this man couldn’t afford to pay for his treatment on his own and didn’t have the space to keep him, so he entrusted Skimble to Milo’s Sanctuary.

They took him over to be seen by a vet where they discovered he had a fungal infection called cryptococcosis. This disease is one of the most common deep fungal diseases in cats and can often be fatal.

It is said to be caused by the breathing in the fungus, which can often be found in pigeon feces.

Thankfully, though, treatment does exist for this disease even though it will never be completely out of his system.

He was put on a feeding tube because he couldn’t eat normally.

His medicine is extremely expensive, costing in upwards of $120 per month, plus a regular blood test.

In fact, many other shelters refused to take Skimble because of the high costs involved, however, Milo’s Sanctuary refused to give up on him.

And it’s a good thing they didn’t because this fur-baby has made one heck of an incredible transformation!

This sweet kitty is loving and friendly, and despite being in need of life long care, he can know that he will always have people there to take care of him.

If you are interested in donating to help Skimble Skypaws, you can sponsor him, here. You can also see updates on the adorable cat on the Milo’s Sanctuary Facebook page.

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