MYSTERY UNVEILED!! Fans Compare The Browns ‘Sister Wives’ To ‘Stranger Things’

Fans Compare The Browns ‘Sister Wives’ To

‘Stranger Things’

What do the Brown family from Sister Wives and the cast of Stranger Things have in

common? At first glance, fans might not find very much in common at all. But upon

further glance, they could find more than meets the eye

One thing is absolutely certain — the Browns’ lives have completely transformed from their days in Utah. Read on and see what other fans had to say.

Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from YouTube

Sister Wives Fans Think The Browns Are Now Living In The Upside Down

Long-time Sister Wives fans know that the Brown family members are nothing like the way they were in Season 1. Multiple moves and shifting family dynamics sparked the original three wives to leave Kody.

Today, the family is completely fractured as the wives go their separate ways. And that’s precisely why viewers think it’s almost like they’re living in the upside-down world from Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from YouTubeSister Wives/TLC

“I know it’s been said ad nauseam,” one Redditor titled their post online. “Watching season one as opposed to later seasons Krody is a totally different person. The marriages, the original three wives, everything is completely different. Reminds me of Stranger Things worlds, regular vs the upside down. How Bizarre.”

“Yes…his change in personality, priorities, family values…is so obvious and sad,” another Redditor replied. “I’ve wondered if the last few months have pushed him to hopefully self reflect and see where he went wrong….all the ways he failed his entire original family. He can still salvage relationships if he really works at it.”

Others replied and said they didn’t think Kody Brown was capable of self-reflection. He tends to put himself and Robyn’s needs above everyone else in the family without much regret.

Reflecting on Happier Times | Sister Wives | TLC

Other Sister Wives viewers suggested that Kody Brown was always this way. He simply put on his best behavior. As time went on and Janelle, Christine, and Meri started expressing their discontent, the facade completely crumbled.

Is There Really A Path To Redemption For Kody Brown?

Although at least one Redditor thought there was a way for Kody Brown to make amends with his estranged family members, others aren’t so sure. The family patriarch had a very strained relationship with his sons Gabriel and Garrison.

Garrison sadly took his own life at the beginning of March 2024. After this family tragedy, many Sister Wives fans don’t believe there’s any room for Kody to repair his broken familial relationships.

What do you think about the comparison? Is Sister Wives like an “upside down” version of the show’s earliest days? Or do you think the family was always in shambles and they put on a fake persona for viewers? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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