Man Took Care Of Pregnant Stray Cat 45 Days, Only To Find Out She Was Just Fat

Taking care of cats is always a fun-filled journey whether the cats are ours or not, these furry creatures are an endless source of cuteness and sweetness that could melt our hearts in the most adorable way pawsible. With a cat or a few cats by our side, surely our life would never be boring.

This Turkish man already had 15 cats and a dog in his house but he always had room for another one. So as this stray tabby showed up in his garden and then meowed loudly for food, of course he didn’t mind looking after her, especially when she had a really big belly that appeared to be the result of pregnancy.

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After the man fed her once, that attention-seeking stray started to follow him and his dog everywhere whenever they were out for a walk. The affectionate kitty and the friendly golden retriever formed a strong bond.

As the kind man continued to take care of the mother-to-be, she kept putting on weight and her belly also became more and more noticeable. She had a great appetite and often ate a lot. Of course, the man also gave her plenty of nutritious meals for her babies’ sake.

Given that winter was coming and the weather would be cold soon, the thoughtful man prepared a safe and comfy place in his house for the cat to deliver her kittens. By that time, her belly was really big so he assumed that her due date would come soon.

They checked on her every night, searching for any sign of labor. But then two weeks passed by and yet nothing usual was spotted. That’s when the man finally thought that he should bring her to a vet clinic for a proper checkup, and the result really shocked the poor guy.

It turned out the cat was not pregnant at all, she was just… fat. Well, maybe she was simply too good at getting people to feed her.

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After recovering from the shock, he quickly decided to get her spayed right there. Needless to say, the playful cat got to stay with him and his other cats, it’s hard to say goodbye after everything that happened. She was named NOPE (an abbreviation for NOt PrEgnant).

Here is the full hilarious yet heartwarming story:

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