Lovable Luhu: The Feline With Heartfelt Eyes and a Tender Soul

Cats are unique creatures, each with their own individuality that sets them apart. Some cats just have that special something, like Luhu the senior tabby cat who has captured the hearts of many cat lovers online. Luhu’s expressive face is a real attention-grabber, with his big, beautiful eyes reminiscent of Puss in Boots. One can’t help but wonder what he might be thinking. I recently spoke to Luhu’s owner, who kindly agreed to share his story with the readers of Cattitude Daily. Despite his sad appearance, Luhu is a feline with a big heart full of love to give. Get ready to meet this charming kitty!


What inspired you to give him his name?
We named him Luhu because his biological father was called Dahu, and we wanted to keep the lineage of his name intact.
Can you tell me about Luhu’s breed?
Luhu is an American shorthair tabby cat whose grandparents are all from the United States, dating back to 2002.


Can you describe Luhu’s character?
Luhu is an incredibly brave cat who has been battling health problems throughout his life. Despite this, he maintains a positive and friendly attitude, although he can be quite timid at times. He is also an enthusiastic eater, always ready for his next meal.

What are Luhu’s interests?
Luhu is a big fan of food and cartoons. He is always eager to try new foods and will happily sit down and watch some cartoons with his family.

How does Luhu interact with his feline siblings?
Luhu is a very kind and gentle cat, and he gets along well with all the members of his family, whether they are human or feline. If other cats try to bully him, he simply stays away from them and never retaliates.


Do you know what makes Luhu, the adorable kitty, so special? Well, let me tell you – he has overcome incredible health challenges since birth. Luhu had to undergo three major surgeries before he even turned two years old – two for his eyes and one for his intestinal tract. The doctors were skeptical about his chances of survival even till the age of four, but now he is a ten and a half-year-old warrior who cooperates with all medications and treatments. I cannot be more proud of him! I am grateful to Luhu’s cat mom, Maggie, for allowing me to share his story and pictures with all the readers of Cattitude Daily. If you want to see more of this handsome kitty with a heart of gold, head over to his Instagram page. All the images are courtesy of lanlan731 on Instagram and are copyrighted.




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