Longing for Truely: Kody Brown in Discussions with Christine for Increased Visits

Kody Brown and Truely - YouTube

Exciting news for fans of Sister Wives as there are rumors circulating that Kody Brown may be in talks with his ex-wife Christine. Apparently, Kody is missing his daughter Truely and wants to spend more time with her. If you recall, Kody was less than thrilled when he found out that Christine was moving away and taking Truely with her. He made it clear that their daughter belonged to both of them and he was willing to fight for her. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story!

Kody Brown Misses Truely: 'In Talks' With Christine For More Visits

Fans of Sister Wives were skeptical of Kody’s relationship with his children, as he appeared to only show interest in Robyn’s kids. In a recent episode, Christine expressed her desire for Kody to be more involved in their daughter Truely’s life. She didn’t understand why he suddenly showed interest now that she had left him. However, a source close to the family claims that Kody does maintain a relationship with Truely and talks to her frequently on the phone. He reportedly misses her and is working with Christine to arrange for more visits.

Sister Wives' Christine Brown 'is talking to Kody' to arrange ex's visits  with daughter Truely, 13, after nasty divorce | The US Sun

According to an insider who is close to the family, Kody and Christine stay in touch quite often because they share custody of Truely. The source reveals that Kody frequently calls Christine to talk to his daughter as he misses her and tries to see her regularly, despite her spending most of her time in Utah with her mother. The source confirms that Kody and Christine are mostly on friendly terms and have made arrangements for Truely to spend time with her father. Whether it’s meeting up once a month or having regular FaceTime conversations, Kody has not lost touch with his daughter. The insider also hints that the custody arrangement between Kody and Christine regarding Truely will be featured on Season 18 of Sister Wives.

Kody Brown Misses Truely: 'In Talks' With Christine For More Visits

Hey, did you hear that Kody Brown from Sister Wives reportedly keeps in touch with his daughter Truely on the phone? It’s interesting to wonder if he feels threatened by David’s role in Truely’s life. Do you think they’ll be able to work something out so Truely can visit Kody in Flagstaff? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more updates on Sister Wives.

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