“Jetting Off to London: ‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Embraces New Adventures Amid Kody Split”

Meri Brown from Sister Wives is on a new adventure to meet new people and explore new places. She’s flying to London and is excited about the unexpected opportunities that may come her way. Meri loves to travel and says “yes” to new experiences and building her business while having fun.
Sister Wives Meri Travels to London Amid Kody Split
Meri, a former cast member of Sister Wives, is heading to London for a trip that combines both business and leisure. She stated that she is excited to embrace unexpected experiences and personal growth during her week abroad. The reality star has been relishing her newfound independence following her separation from her businessman husband after 32 years of marriage. In December 2022, Kody, the father of 18, stated during the Sister Wives: One on One special that he did not consider himself married to Meri. The pair released a joint statement in January 2023 announcing their decision to permanently terminate their marriage and focus on healing relationships within the family with kindness, respect, and love.
'Sister Wives': Meri Brown's Cryptic IG Posts Amid Family Drama
Kody recently made a statement without a caption, while Meri clarified in her own post that there was more to the story and she held no grudges against the polygamist. Along with Meri, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown also left Kody, leaving Robyn Brown as his only spouse. Kody later updated fans on his relationship with Robyn, stating that they were essentially monogamous after his splits from the other three wives.
Sister Wives' Meri Brown shares racy photo of herself nude in the bathtub  as fans think she's leaving husband Kody | Flipboard
The individual from Wyoming cautioned against sharing a potential spoiler for the upcoming season and made a humorous remark about not having any advice on becoming a polygamist when the video started circulating on TikTok in March 2023. He also expressed uncertainty about the wisdom of attempting to persuade one’s partner into entering a plural marriage.
Kody Brown - IMDb
Regarding Meri, recent reports have confirmed that she is leaving Flagstaff, Arizona and relocating back to Utah. In Touch was able to view a Zillow listing indicating that Meri’s Arizona property has been put up for rent, with a monthly rental fee of $5,800. A blogger known as Without a Crystal Ball also shared an Instagram post claiming that Meri was seen with a moving truck, a film crew, and Kody Brown over the weekend.

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