“Janelle of Sister Wives spreads holiday cheer with heartwarming message to son amidst separation from Kody Brown”

Janelle Brown was part of Kody Brown’s plural family for almost 30 years before their separation in 2022. Recently, the Sister Wives personality shared an uncommon update with her son Gabriel on Instagram after their split. The post showed Janelle and Gabriel getting ready for the upcoming summer season by preparing their RV camper.
Sister Wives' Kody Brown Confirms Janelle Split: Statement
Janelle is gearing up for her first summer vacation after her separation from Kody in late 2022. The reality star, who appeared in 17 seasons of the popular TLC show, acknowledges that RV enthusiasts will probably find her amusing as she prepares for her trip. Despite this, Janelle remains determined to overcome any obstacles that may come her way and urges others to be brave and do the same. Meanwhile, Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently shared a touching tribute to her sister, which has been described as heartbreaking by fans.
Kody Brown and Janelle Brown
Janelle from the reality show Sister Wives recently shared an update on her holiday plans with her son after her split from Kody Brown. She looked happy and ready for summer in a grey hat and blue camo shirt. Janelle also shared the importance of exploring new hobbies later in life, despite the nagging voice in her head telling her to look like a pro or not do it at all. She reminds herself that everyone has to start somewhere and go through the learning process. So, it’s okay to try something new and embrace the journey.
Janelle Brown and Kody Brown
Janelle, from the popular TV show Sister Wives, recently shared some words of wisdom with her followers. She believes that vulnerability, coachability, teachability, and curiosity are all important traits to have and hopes to one day become an expert on these topics. Additionally, Janelle wanted to reassure her fans that the hose around Gabe’s neck in a recent photo was brand new and clean. Last year, Janelle shocked viewers when she announced that she and Kody had decided to end their nearly three-decade-long polyamorous relationship.
Sister Wives' Janelle Brown Celebrates Easter With Sons Amid Kody Brown  Split
Kody and his five wives have a total of six children, namely Logan (28), Madison (27), Hunter (25), Garrison (25), Gabe (22), and Savanah (18). Christine, his third wife, also confirmed that they have separated in 2021, while Meri, his first wife, revealed their separation earlier this year. However, Kody is still married to Robyn, his most recent wife whom he tied the knot with in 2010.

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