Introducing Chirico: The Feline Whose Judging Glances Will Leave You Speechless (30 Photos)

We are familiar with cats being cute and cuddly creatures gazing at us with their innocent eyes. However, Chirico, the Japanese cat influencer, breaks this stereotype. Despite her appearance as a soft teddy bear, she is actually a Selkirk Rex breed recognized for their wavy hair and photogenic look. But don’t be deceived, as soon as you meet her, you’ll notice that she has an angry personality.
Chirico has become an Instagram sensation with 1,495 followers who love her entertaining updates from her daily life. She shares her birthday celebrations and bath time, but she does not seem to be impressed with anything, and I can relate to that. #1

According to the owner, one of her favorite things are strawberries, as evidenced by several posts featuring her Japanese Selkirk Rex enjoying the red fruit. Despite Chirico’s seemingly unimpressed expression, the owner assures us that she is actually a gentle cat with various facial expressions. Interestingly, Chirico’s default expression seems to be a yawn.

The Selkirk Rex cat breed made its debut in Montana in 1987 and has quickly gained a devoted following due to its unique wavy fur. This distinctive feature is the result of a natural mutation discovered in a litter of kittens from a blue tortoiseshell mother and a white father. The breed is relatively new but has already been recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association, which notes that there are two fur lengths: short and long. Care for both types of fur is similar to other short or longhaired breeds, with brushing needed less frequently to maintain the curly coat. To keep their fur in top condition, special shampoos that do not coat the hair but leave it feeling silky and clean are recommended by the Association.



Newman, who runs the Noface Cattery in Livington, Montana, recently discovered that DePesto possesses not only the dominant curly-coat gene but also the recessive long hair gene. This unusual combination occurred because both parents carried at least one copy of the long hair gene, which resulted in the birth of long-haired kittens.
























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