Good Samaritan Saves 31 Canines from Slaughterhouse While on a Quest to Find His Lost Furry Friend

Many internet users were touched and shared the story of how he saved his dogs. The incident was truly heartwarming.

According to PV Thanh Nien, Mr. Khoi recounted the heart-wrenching experience of rescuing dogs from a slaughterhouse. He expressed his regret for not being able to save all the dogs that were kept in cages and were to be butchered and sold. Upon returning from a business trip with his son, Mr. Khoi found out that three of his dogs were missing, and despite extensive searching, only one was found. Later, he received news that the other two dogs were being held captive in a slaughterhouse in H.Yanqing. When he arrived, he saw 31 dogs locked in cages and surrounded by slaughter tools. The sight of them made him cry, and he couldn’t help but feel helpless knowing that they would soon be killed and sold for meat. Mr. Khoi eventually rescued the two dogs and brought them back to safety.

As a dog lover, Mr. Khoi decided to rescue 31 captive dogs by buying them from the owner for VND 20 million. However, when he rented a truck to transport the dogs to Nha Trang, the slaughterhouse owner demanded an additional VND 4 million, which Mr. Khoi agreed to pay. Once he brought the dogs home, he posted their information and photos on Facebook in hopes of finding their owners. Despite many offers for adoption, Mr. Khoi only wants to reunite them with their owners and doesn’t want any ransom. His heartwarming story received hundreds of comments and thousands of shares, with many expressing admiration for his kindness. Mr. Khoi already has 24 dogs in his care, most of which were adopted from strays. He plans to keep the ransomed dogs for 7 days, waiting for their owners to claim them. If no one claims them, he will offer them for adoption.

Mr. Khoi expressed his desire for the dogs to find loving homes where they can be taken care of and given warmth. Despite numerous requests for adoption, he chooses to wait for the right owners who genuinely love and care for them, as he has witnessed instances of people exploiting and selling the dogs. Once a suitable owner is found, the dogs will greet them with happiness and excitement, wagging their tails and cuddling up to them. For those looking for a lost dog, Mr. Khoi can be reached at 30D Dong Nai Street, Phuoc Hai Ward, Ho Chi Minh City or on 0909473361 for assistance.

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