From Abandoned to Adored: A Touching Tale of Ayla’s Journey Through Hunger and Scabies

When Krista stumbled upon Ayla, the tiny pup was in a pitiful state. She was just over two months old and appeared to be in unbearable pain. Ayla was malnourished, covered in mange, and shivering as she struggled to move along the ground. Krista acted quickly and brought her to the vet where it was revealed that Ayla was in terrible condition. X-rays showed that she had ingested a stone, indicating that she had been calcium-deficient. Sadly, the lack of calcium had caused both of Ayla’s front legs to become deformed, limiting her to crawling on the ground, causing additional injuries and abrasions.

Currently, Ayla is under medical care and receiving assistance from the Little Steps organization to facilitate her recovery. The process may take up to three months and require intensive care, but the primary focus is on ensuring Ayla’s safety. Fortunately, X-rays have revealed that Ayla did not suffer any fractures, indicating a higher probability of regaining mobility.

Following a lengthy visit to the vet, Ayla was discovered to be sleeping comfortably on her very own soft bed, appearing content and at ease. Aside from receiving proper nutrition, Ayla was even taken outside to enjoy some sunbathing, which helped lift her spirits despite still experiencing itchiness as a result of mange. It’s safe to say that Ayla deserves recognition for being the most well-behaved patient, and she has been relocated to her own private space, providing her with ample time to rest and recuperate.

We will be providing regular updates on Ayla’s condition as she will need to wear the bandage for about a week. Join us in supporting Ayla and being with her every step of the way. We aim to spread awareness about the significant impact of rescuing and rehabilitating animals in distress. Let’s help make Ayla’s story go viral and inspire others to take action.

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