Finally, After a Year of Trying, an 11-Year-Old Cat Finds Her Forever Home

After almost a year of trying to win people’s hearts, an eleven-year-old feline finally has a home to call her own.
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Mimi, a feline in her golden years, found herself in the care of Sparkle Cat Rescue, a volunteer-run organization based in North Carolina. The poor cat had lost her owner, and Rocco, another feline, was also left in need of a new home. Mimi, who was around 11 years old, understandably felt disoriented and apprehensive upon arrival. However, it didn’t take her long to settle in and start taking advantage of the amenities provided by her new caretakers. Thanks to the presence of familiar items from her previous household, such as cat beds, blankets, and a tower, Mimi began to feel more at ease in her new surroundings. In no time, she was using her litter box and enjoying her meals – proof that a little bit of comfort and familiarity can go a long way for our feline friends.
older cat shy

orange tabby cat
Sparkle Cat Rescue shared that Mimi, who used to be a bit shy and introverted, gradually opened up and started venturing into other rooms after a few months of being with them. According to the rescue organization, Mimi is now quite sociable and friendly with people, exhibiting a sweet and attentive demeanor towards humans. As soon as she regained her self-assurance, Mimi made it her mission to search for someone whom she could love and care for permanently.
sweet social orange cat mimi
Mimi was a little social butterfly at Sparkle Cat Rescue. She had a way of gazing at every person she met with her big doe eyes until she got their attention and plenty of petting. The tabby girl knew how to put on her good looks and charm in order to win everyone over. Despite being there for months on end, Mimi never gave up hope that someday she would find the home of her dreams.
sweet older cat tabby mimi
The kitty named Mimi was a social butterfly who loved spending time with her human pals as much as she enjoyed being around other feline housemates. Although she had undergone a complete dental check-up and was declared fit, Mimi occasionally showed some problems with using the litter box. This could be the reason why there weren’t many people showing interest in adopting her.
orange tabby cat mimi
With her beauty and charisma, she was hoping to find someone who would take her home. Fortunately, after spending almost a year under the care of Sparkle Cat Rescue, Mimi’s wish came true when James arrived for a meet-and-greet. She showed off her best behavior and immediately captured James’ heart. He didn’t hesitate to welcome her into his home, where she quickly made herself comfortable and even claimed his chair as her own. It was a perfect match from the start.
orange older cat mimi
According to a post by Sparkle Cat Rescue, Mimi was spotted lounging on her new owner’s chair while he watched a movie. The rescue organization expressed their delight at the news and added that Mimi is thriving in her new environment. They also noted that her previous litter box issues have been resolved since she no longer shares the space with other felines.
couch cat snuggly
Mimi was happily adopted by James and made herself comfortable on his chair in her forever home at Sparkle Cat Rescue. James is a pet-sitter for a 7-year-old dog named Suzie, who is friendly towards cats and visits on weekends. It took some time for Mimi to warm up to Suzie, but now they are great friends. In fact, Mimi even keeps Suzie company! James recounted how he woke up one Sunday morning to find Suzie snuggled under the covers and Mimi at the foot of the bed.
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Mimi is living a blissful life at her permanent residence with Sparkle Cat Rescue. Thanks to the care and affection of her human companion, she is blossoming and has developed a strong bond with her new pal Suzie. It’s delightful to see Mimi feeling completely at home and even choosing to sleep in the same chair as Suzie.
orange tabby cat mimi
Don’t forget to spread the word about this heartwarming tale! You can find more adorable feline friends from Sparkle Cat Rescue by checking out their Instagram page @sparklecatrescue or their Facebook page.

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