“Fierce Felines: Over 10 Adorable Kittens Who Refuse to be Ignored”

Oh, those little furballs known as kittens. They are just so adorable with their soft fur and playful nature… that is until they become upset. Suddenly, they transform into ferocious little beasts, staring into your soul and plotting their revenge. Believe me, a kitten scorned is not to be trifled with! Whether it’s new people, unfamiliar surroundings, or other cats, it’s best to give them some space when they’re feeling moody. Avoid those razor-sharp claws and tiny teeth if you value your skin. Maybe bring along a few treats to sweeten them up, but tread carefully! Check out these photos of some seriously angry kittens who are not in the mood for your antics.
1. Hands off my watermelon!

2. Oh my, what a feisty little feline!

3. Hey, where’s my grub at??

I don’t think you should have splashed water on me…

5. “I can’t believe you’re holding me like this and snapping a photo of me. Meowwwww!”

6. The expression you give when witnessing someone committing a foolish act.

7. Can you listen to my kitty meow?

My future wife reminds me of a tiny feline attempting to look fierce whenever she gets angry. It’s quite amusing to witness her transform into a little tiger cub!

Oh my goodness, we need to call an exorcist!

10. It appears as though he has reached his limit with everyone around him.

Eleven. I acknowledge that my eyes are attractive, but kindly give me some space.

I absolutely adore these little ones.

Protecting his little stones…they belong to him.

The exclamation “KAAAAAAHHHHNN!!!!!” is a famous line often associated with the character Captain James T. Kirk from the science fiction franchise Star Trek.

The skeptical expression of a cat, commonly known as the “Are you kitten me” look, is quite amusing.

Hey Karen! Did you catch the message I sent earlier?

I bet you’d be surprised if you saw the condition of the person who had a physical altercation with me because they certainly didn’t come out unscathed.

Hold on, my dear. I’ll fetch what you need soon enough.

I am practicing my temper tantrum in front of the mirror to prepare myself for adulthood.

Are you looking to confront my brother? Sorry, but you’ll have to get past me before you can do that.

Twenty-one. Oh, those emerald eyes!

“I am NOT enjoying being up here at such a height! I insist that you lower me down immediately. Meow!”

Hey, we need to have a chat…

Wow, I look stunning!

Sure, feel free to refer to me as “widdow piddy” again if you’d like.

As soon as the alarm hasn’t even rung yet, that’s me waking up. However, I must admit that I don’t appear as stunning as the person in the picture.

Wow, that’s intense!

Sure, please continue. I’m all ears.

Thirty. A tiny feline offspring.

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