“Feline Mama’s Smart Move: Bringing Her Kittens Indoors through Pet Door”

A feline mother led her litter through a small entrance meant for pets and into a cozy indoor abode, ensuring that her babies would not have to endure the harshness of outdoor living.

tortie lap cat

A pregnant stray cat surprised a family when she followed their resident cat into their home through the doggy door. The tortoiseshell cat was very friendly and seemed to be in need of help, as she was heavily pregnant. Coastal Bend Cat Rescue Officer, Mary Huckabee, shared that the family knew the cat needed rescuing and contacted them for assistance. The rescue promptly arranged for a foster home for the expectant mother cat.

tortie cat nest

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue had a new feline addition who was affectionately given the name Karaoke. The reason behind this name was because of her chatty demeanor that filled the room with delightful trills and chirps. After getting accustomed to her new living space, she enjoyed all the amenities provided to her and even found comfort on her foster mom’s lap. Karaoke was overjoyed to be indoors and her purring never stopped.

tortie lap cat karaoke

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue provided luxurious accommodations for the mother cat while she awaited the arrival of her litter. When the day finally came for her to give birth, she waited patiently for her foster mom to return home. As soon as her human arrived, the cat named Karaoke delivered six healthy kittens – three male and three female.

newborn kittens sleeping

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue has chosen an interesting theme to name their kittens after – popular karaoke hits! The adorable felines have been given names such as Sweet Caroline, Walking on Sunshine, Mustang Sally, Mickey, Uptown Girl, and Hey Jude. Karaoke, the mother cat, is an excellent caretaker to her little ones. She showers them with affection and takes great pride in showing them off to visitors. The kittens are fortunate to have unrestricted access to their mother’s milk bar whenever they need it, and they fall asleep to the comforting sound of purring lullabies.

cat mom nursing kittens

Karaoke, a lovely feline parent from Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, is a delight to be around. Whenever her foster mom enters the room, she serenades her with soothing purrs and cute chirps. She’s incredibly affectionate and enjoys snuggling, ear rubs, belly tickles, and gentle butt pats. The kittens under her care are thriving and reaching new developmental milestones every day.

tortie kitten cute

The Coastal Bend Cat Rescue is currently in a phase where their adorable little cats are starting to leave their nests and explore their surroundings. These curious little creatures are always up to something new and exciting. However, their mother Karaoke remains vigilant and keeps an eye on her precious offspring, making sure they don’t get into any mischief. Whenever one of them cries out for attention, she quickly rushes over to soothe them and attend to their needs.

cat mom kitten

With chirps and meows, she encourages her little feline friends to play on at Coastal Bend Cat Rescue. Mary, the foster mom, shares that the kittens are becoming more self-assured and charming each day. They enjoy wrestling and spending time with their human caretaker who they adore. When she visits, they all snuggle together in a perfect cuddle-puddle.

kitten pile lap snuggling

The Coastal Bend Cat Rescue has cute kittens who are almost five weeks old. These adorable creatures love to play and climb anything they can get their paws on. They always compete for their foster mom’s attention. Their personalities are starting to show, and they enjoy singing to each other and their foster mom with purrs and meows. During dinner time, they get louder and more excited.

kitten upside down

The Coastal Bend Cat Rescue has a group of cats with unique personalities. Sweet Caroline and Uptown Girl are the more daring and love to explore. Meanwhile, Hey Jude and Mickey are more relaxed and enjoy having fun. Mustang Sally is a loving cat that craves belly rubs, and Walking in Sunshine is a bit of a mama’s boy.

snuggly cuddle kittens

At Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, Karaoke is assured of having a permanent home with all her basic needs taken care of. Even after she’s done being a mommy, she will undergo spaying and become the center of attention in a caring and affectionate environment that she has always yearned for.

cat mom nursing kittens

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