Feline Frustration: A Cat’s Confusion Over a Baby’s Bouncer Use

Every cat has its own personality – some crave affection while others prefer to be left alone. Flynn, the cat in this story, falls into the latter category as he doesn’t enjoy being cuddled by his owners. However, when his mom became pregnant, Flynn’s behavior changed as he became protective and affectionate towards her.

According to Rachel Franzen, Flynn’s mother, he started shadowing her around the house. After she brought Rory, her son, home and introduced him to Flynn, the latter developed an immediate affection for his new baby sibling. Flynn loves Rory so much that he is particularly fond of all the exciting toys owned by his little brother.

As soon as Flynn laid eyes on the fresh baby bouncer, he was over the moon and assumed it was his new throne. But little did Flynn comprehend that the cozy chair wasn’t intended for his royal self.

According to Franzen, Flynn can be found in the bouncer every morning and he seems to have claimed it as his own. He enjoys sitting in it, flipping upside down, and even asks for his tummy to be rubbed. The bouncer has become his designated sleeping spot after breakfast.

Whenever Franzen is preparing to put Rory in the bouncer, Flynn has already taken his place there. Surprisingly, Flynn didn’t seem to mind having Rory next to him and didn’t appear bothered at all. Perhaps, he was just confused as to why Rory kept attempting to sit on his chair, which was undoubtedly his preferred spot.

Fortunately, Flynn has a fondness for Rory and doesn’t mind sharing his space with him. They remained snuggled together until it was time to part ways. Franzen noted that Flynn expressed his affection for Rory by licking his hand and then tending to his own grooming.

We adore the bond shared between them, and we anticipate numerous cozy moments in the bouncer chair. So, if you enjoyed reading this heartwarming tale, do share it with your loved ones!
Reference: pawsplanet.me.

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