“Feline Fabulousness: The Internet’s Newest Sensation – A Cat Donning Self-Made Fur Slippers”

Despite your efforts to clean, sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting, it appears that cat hair is always present. It seems impossible to get rid of it, and it can be found in every corner of your home, including on your clothes. However, some cat owners have decided to accept the shedding and make good use of the fallen fur, such as using it as a material for needle felting. This technique involves repeatedly poking a special felting needle into a rolled-up wad of fur, which creates a bigger body by locking the fur fibers together with the barbs on the needle. While both dog and cat hair can be felted, it takes more practice and time, and the outcome may not be as smooth as when using wool or other types of hair. Recently, a Japanese cat owner put her cat’s fur to the test, and the result is so cute that it went viral. Meet Minira, the adorable kitty who stole the internet’s heart.


Many individuals who have pets regularly engage in grooming sessions, but have you ever heard of needle felting? Well, we mentioned it before and it’s a real thing! In fact, one cat owner was so dedicated to this craft that they made small slippers for their beloved feline, Minira. It’s important to note that storing pet fur in a plastic bag can lead to mildew, so a cloth bag is a better option. Once you’ve collected around 4 ounces of fur, you can wash it gently in a warm water bowl using shampoo or dish soap, whichever is readily available.


It’s no secret that cats and various other animals tend to shed a lot, especially during shedding season which typically occurs twice a year.


Once the fur has dried completely, the next step is to hand card it thoroughly. If the fur is less than 4 inches long, mix in some wool to ensure it’s ready for bigger projects like cat-sized slippers. It sounds like a fun activity, doesn’t it? We’re curious, would you attempt to create needle felting with your pet’s fur? If so, what would you make? Share your guesses and any previous creations with us in the comments below! As pet owners, we typically try to remove cat fur from our clothing and home, but Minira’s owner had a different idea.



The kitty’s fur was used by its owner to create a charming set of needle-felted slippers.


Minira was left puzzled by the present she received from her owner.


On Twitter, a user posted about creating slippers in the size of their cat using fur that was brushed off. The slippers turned out to be incredibly adorable, with the cat’s feet sticking out. The user couldn’t contain their excitement and expressed their feelings using the abbreviation “lol”.





Check out this size comparison chart of cat and human slippers!



The slippers made by the owner were documented in a video, showing the step-by-step process. Despite being a bit puzzled by their owner’s behavior, Minira is actually a content and cherished cat in their household.







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