“Feline Displeasure: Cat’s Unhappy Reaction to Owner’s Newborn Results in a Vomiting Protest”

When Acat met their owner’s newborn daughter, Fefe didn’t have the best first encounter. The cat ended up vomiting upon seeing the baby, which was unexpected. Initially, Fefe just observed baby Maeve, who had recently joined the family.

With slow and cautious movements, the feline sneaks around the car seat where the infant is peacefully sleeping. Curiosity overtakes the four-legged friend as she leans in for a sniff of the newborn’s face. However, the cat quickly retreats and scurries away from the scene.
Covfefe, the feline in question, hastily exits the room moments after meeting the young child. Soon after, it becomes apparent that something is amiss with Covfefe as she regurgitates on the floor of the adjacent room.

The initial interaction between a cat named Covfefe and a new kitten in the household did not go smoothly, but it was captured on video by owner Cayden Cazier of Salt Lake City, Utah. The clip has since gone viral on TikTok with over 3.8 million views, leading to speculation about why Covfefe may have reacted negatively. Some viewers believe jealousy may be a factor, which aligns with a study published in 2019 that found cats can form attachments to their human caregivers.

It’s possible that Covfefe’s strange behavior could be due to her jealousy towards someone else receiving attention, or it could simply be caused by something she ate. As a three-year-old chocolate mitted lynx ragdoll, Covfefe has always shared a unique bond with her owner, Cazier. Although she is cuddly with him, she doesn’t show much affection towards his wife. Covfefe is quite independent but shares a special connection with Cazier. While she’s not used to being around babies, she has been showing an interest in all the baby items the couple has been buying. Covfefe has been fascinated by everything from the stroller to the crib bassinet and loves to play with them.

The video shows that their first meeting did not go as expected. Covfefe, the cat, was curious about the sleeping baby in a carrier and approached for a closer look. However, things took a strange turn when the cat suddenly backed away and went into another room to vomit. Cazier, the owner, had a feeling that the cat was going to throw up and observed a strange movement before it happened. The incident caught on camera shows an unexpected and comical encounter between the cat and the newborn.

The way Covfefe, the cat, reacted left its owners in a fit of laughter that was caught perfectly on video. Cazier couldn’t believe what had happened and shared the video with their family, who also found it hilarious. Since his wife liked to share things with him, Cazier had a TikTok account and decided to post the video on it, just to see what would happen. They then posted it on social media to see how people would react.

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