Despite being a tripod kitten found under a car, Luna is just as capable as any other feline

A woman and her daughter found Luna, a calico kitten covered in mud, crying under a car near Athens, Greece. They cleaned her up and took care of her until they could get her to rescuers. Sadly, Luna had suffered a leg injury and may not have survived a surgery at her young age. Nevertheless, she was doing amazingly well anyway. Rescuers hoped to heal her injured hind leg or, if not, have it amputated when she was strong enough.

Tripod cats like Luna are incredibly resilient, and many of them can do pretty much whatever a four-legged cat can do.

Despite her harrowing start in life, Luna was friendly and cuddly with everyone.

“Luna was found by a lady in Varkiza, hiding under the car, meowing very loudly. When she approached, the kitten started to run across the street, so the lady got her and took her to the yard of her building. She was completely covered in the mud, so the lady and her daughter gave her a bath and something to eat,” shared Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T.

Luna’s Early Challenges

Later, Luna facedaother challenge as veterinarians discovered she had the often deadly parvovirus. And yet, the tiny injured kitten survived this too!

Everyone was amazed and overjoyed that she pulled through after receiving intensive care, medication, and “lots of love.”

Luna Has Surgery

Luna was strong and healthy and ready for her big day a couple of months later.

As she did with everything else, the kitten bounced back from surgery.

After losing her leg, she remained well-balanced and adjusted rapidly. But she did have to wear that dreaded cone for a while.

Tripod Kitty Can Run, Climb, Leap, and Jump

Luna is a wonderful success story and a great example of how Tripod cats adapt. The rescuers shared some important facts to be aware of for cats like this one.

“Luna is a kitty with special needs, but as mentionedaove, she can perform like any other cat without disability,” they shared.

Here are some facts they sharedaout Tripods.

Tripods can run.

“Even though walking may look difficult, you may be surprised to see how well a three-legged cat can run. Walking is harder because it’s a four-beat gait, meaning that each leg hits the ground individually. But cantering—a bit slower than a gallop—is a three-beat gait, which means your three-legged cat doesn’t need to rely on four legs to build up speed,” they wrote.

Tripods can climb.

“While it’s easier for a tripod with both front legs to climb, a skilled three-legged cat with a missing foreleg can also pull herself up.”

Tripods can leap and jump.

“A cat missing a back leg may have trouble jumping from the ground to a high surface, but that doesn’t mean she can’t leap from one level surface to another. Leaping is even easier for a cat missing a front leg. Tripods can jump.”

A Forever Home for a Happy Tripod Kitty

After overcoming so much, Luna bounced back and loved life. In February 2023, she found a furever home and traveled to meet her family.

“Luna traveled to her forever family a few days back and we are patiently waiting to see how she will enjoy her life as a queen from now on!,” the rescuers shared.

She’s a prime example of how cats with three legs are purrfectly happy.

“Tripod cats live a full, happy life as any other cat, and Luna will enjoy every moment with her new lovely family!”

Here is Luna loving life thanks to so many people who care.

“Look at Luna, our tripod love who traveled to her forever home in mid-February! This sweet girl is living high, enjoys cuddles all day and has become very close friends with her new siblings!”

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