“Defending the Purrfectly Plump: World’s ‘Fattest Cat’ Owner Responds to Accusations of Deliberate Overfeeding for Social Media Fame”

An owner of a cat has responded to online critics who accused her of overfeeding her large pet. The cat, named Liznya The Cat, became famous on Instagram due to its adorable but grumpy expression. However, negative comments began to appear regarding the cat’s weight. The cat’s Russian owner, who has gained over 9,500 followers on Liznya’s Instagram account, defended herself against online trolls who claimed that she was being cruel to her pet. The owner expressed sadness over the accusations and stated that they were untrue. Some Instagram users have even gone as far as to label the owners as ‘sick’ for deliberately overfeeding Liznya to make her an Instagram sensation.
A Russian fat cat, called Liznya The Cat has come under fire after commenters claimed her owners are 'cruel' for overfeeding her
Liznya The Cat, a plump feline from Russia, has sparked controversy as critics argue that her owners are mistreating her by providing too much food.
The cat's owners hit back, claiming that the weight gain was an unforeseen problem after Liznya's pregnancy
The owners of the cat responded to criticisms about their feline’s weight gain, stating that it was an unexpected issue following Liznya’s pregnancy. Some individuals shared negative comments, with one person even predicting the cat’s imminent death. Another commenter questioned why the owners allowed the cat to become so large, and a third expressed disgust at the situation, relating it to previous instances of animal abuse. One more person added that purposely overfeeding an animal to the point of endangerment is sickening and abusive.

Commenters were quick to point out the Liznya's weight and their concerns surrounding overfeeding
The individuals who left comments were swift in pointing out that Liznya appeared overweight and expressed their concerns over the possibility of overfeeding. In response to the confusion surrounding Liznya’s diet and routine, the owner composed an Instagram post aimed at clarifying the situation and addressing the issue of the cat’s size. Regarding the cat that was being trolled by people, they stated that there were some misunderstandings that needed to be cleared up. The owner stressed that they had never intentionally overfed Liznya, and even clarified that the cat only ate her designated food. The owner also acknowledged that Liznya was pregnant and spayed afterward, but refused to attribute this as the sole reason for her obesity.
The large cat has been to the vet since putting on weight and is now on a strict 29 gram diet of  Royal Canin diet cat food
The big feline has recently visited the veterinarian due to gaining weight and is now following a strict diet of Royal Canin cat food, consuming only 29 grams per meal. The vet explained that Liznya’s pregnancy had worsened her weight gain, resulting in multiple veterinary visits. After trying several different cat foods, the current diet plan seems to have stopped further weight gain, but losing weight is still a challenge. The owners are committed to taking Liznya for regular vet visits if necessary, but they do not condone any abusive behavior towards them or their pet. They also clarified that Liznya can walk and play, but needs to be more active to lose weight. The owners shared a video on Instagram showing how they measure out the precise amount of cat food for Liznya’s meals. They urge people not to spread false information or make harmful comments towards them or their pet.

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