Cracking the Enigma of Messi’s Ink: Exploring the Deep Symbolism of his Tattoos, Including Recently Discovered Embellishments

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Hey Leo, what’s the story behind your latest ink? Lionel Messi recently revealed a fresh all-black tattoo on his left leg during a training session with the Argentina national team. The Barcelona legend has opted for a design that covers his entire left shin and calf with dark ink, except for the recognizable No10, representing his shirt number, and an iconic football. Messi’s body art is truly fascinating, from this new addition to the face of his mother on his back.

Lionel Messi proudly displays his fresh leg tattoos while practicing with the Argentina team, captured by Reuters. However, the question remains: what is the significance behind Messi’s extensive body art collection? In this article, we delve into the meaning behind each tattoo, exploring its symbolism from top to bottom. Stay informed about all the latest Barcelona news, rumors, and transfers on our dedicated club page, and don’t forget to check out our comprehensive coverage of fixtures, results, and live match commentary.

Messi, the talented Barcelona football player, has been dedicating his time to creating a magnificent full sleeve tattoo on his right arm. Showcasing his deep religious connections, he proudly displays a tattoo of Jesus on his triceps as a symbol of respect towards his religious beliefs. Inspired by the iconic Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, his arm is adorned with intricate designs representing the renowned Roman Catholic church. Additionally, the beautifully crafted tattoo includes a closed lotus flower, capturing the essence of purity and enlightenment. Furthermore, a delicate depiction of the rose window from the building graces his arm, adding an element of intricate beauty. Lastly, a blossoming open lotus symbolizes growth and transformation, completing this remarkable tattoo masterpiece.

Lionel Messi has devoted his time to designing an arm sleeve, as shared on his Instagram. As per his talented tattoo artist, Roberto Lopez, the presence of a lotus in the design represents the belief that talent can flourish despite any obstacles. Additionally, the inclusion of the rose window from the iconic Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona reflects his deep affection for the city. Shifting our focus, let’s now explore Messi’s left leg.

In an interesting turn of events, Messi’s leg used to showcase various designs including a sword with wings, flower patterns, hand-prints, his eldest son’s name Thiago, and the No10. However, all of these previous decorations have been replaced with a solid black tattoo, though the image of the weapon has been concealed, leaving only the visible imprint of his child’s hands.

The previous appearance of Lionel Messi’s tattoo on his left leg…Image credit: Getty Images

…And the current appearance of Lionel Messi’s tattoo on his left leg is a result of his recent visit to the tattoo parlor. The reason behind his decision to add this new artwork remains unknown for now, but it is possible that he wanted to refresh his look by removing some of his older tattoos. It could also be speculated that he considered the sword tattoo to be inappropriate now that he has two young children, especially after the arrival of Mateo last year. The tattoo is located on his back shoulder.

Lionel Messi proudly displays his first-ever tattoo, a delicate portrait of his beloved mother, Celia, adorning the back of his left shoulder. This heartfelt gesture serves as a tribute to the woman who supported him unwaveringly throughout his journey. When the talented Argentine soccer prodigy embarked on his iconic move to Barcelona’s youth academy, his father accompanied him, leaving his dear mother and the rest of his cherished family behind in South America.