“Could Aspyn Brown Be Expecting a ‘Sister Wives’ Spirit Baby?”

Could Aspyn Brown be destined for a “Sister Wives” spirit baby? Viewers of the show may remember Robyn Brown’s belief in this concept, which has sparked questions among fans. However, Gwendlyn Brown is shedding more light on the subject, linking it to her older sister Aspyn. Want to know more about what this means? Keep reading.
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In the TV show Sister Wives, the topic of spirit babies has been brought up by the cast members. It all started when Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn, expressed her desire to have more kids despite already having a total of eighteen children with Kody and his other wives. She believes that there may be more children meant for her through the concept of spirit babies. Even though Kody is content with being a grandfather at this point, Robyn, being the youngest wife, has not given up on the idea. Now, their daughter Gwendlyn, from Kody’s previous marriage with Christine, has also mentioned these spirits and how they relate to Aspyn Brown.
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One of Gwendlyn Brown’s YouTube reaction videos was recently showcased on Katie Joy’s Instagram account, @withoutacrystalball. During the clip, Gwendlyn shares that her mother Christine had a miscarriage before giving birth to her youngest sibling, Truely. However, according to their religion, the lost baby is now believed to be “spiritually meant” for Aspyn Brown, likely because she is the oldest child in the family. Gwendlyn also expresses confusion about why Aspyn would want to have children after already raising all of them.
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Kody and Christine had a disagreement during her pregnancy with Truely about Aspyn Brown having to take care of the younger children. Christine had to work, leaving Aspyn to take on the role of a mother. When Kody was asked to help out, he refused which caused problems in their relationship. As for the spirit baby, Gwendlyn offered to take it, but it raises interesting questions about how Aspyn is supposed to receive it. Currently, Aspyn and her husband, Mitch Thompson, have not shown any indication that they will be having a baby. They are enjoying their lives together by traveling and recently purchasing a home. The concept of spirit babies has a deeper meaning in the Apostolic United Brethren fundamentalist Mormon culture. It is up for discussion whether this concept serves as a comfort to those who have suffered a loss. Additionally, it is important to consider Gwen’s statement that Aspyn might not want children after raising her siblings. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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