“Christine Brown of Sister Wives shows off svelte figure in black skirt alongside fiancé David Woolley in rare full-body photo”

Christine Brown, one of the stars of SISTER Wives, has been flaunting her newly slimmed-down physique once more on social media. The 51-year-old posted four fresh pictures on Instagram, featuring herself, her fiancé David Woolley, and two of her kids.
Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been showing off her slimmer figure on social media yet again
Once again, Christine Brown from Sister Wives has been flaunting her newly trimmed physique on social media.
The mom of six posed at Disneyland and flaunted her slender legs in a black knee-length skirt
Christine Brown, a mother of six, recently struck a pose at Disneyland, where she showed off her slender legs in a black knee-length skirt. In one of the pictures, Christine can be seen enjoying a bear hug with her daughters Ysabel and Truely and her husband David, as all of them sported cheesy grins for the camera. Another image shows Christine decked out in a grey Mickey Mouse sweater, posing next to her youngest child while David, wearing a red Mickey Mouse T-shirt, smiled behind them. The third photo was taken at night and featured Christine snuggled up to her fiancé, whom she got engaged to last month. Sister Wives’ Christine looks stunning in a low-cut top, displaying her new slim figure.
Sister Wives' Christine flaunts weight loss in green dress with fiancé David
Christine from Sister Wives recently shared photos of her family vacation to Disneyland with her fiancé David and children. One photo showed Truely reading while David sat beside her, while another showcased Christine’s recent weight loss in a black skirt paired with a Disney-themed T-shirt. Ysabel also flaunted her legs in blue denim shorts and a black crop top, while Truely opted for a fringed kimono. Christine’s followers were quick to comment, expressing their happiness for her and her family. Christine was previously married to Kody for 25 years before their breakup in November 2021. She first teased her relationship with David on social media before going public, and it was revealed last month that they have moved into a new home together.
Christine and her fiancé David enjoyed a vacation with her youngest child named Truely
Christine and her partner David had a great time on their getaway with Truely, Christine’s youngest kid. They shared some lovely moments, according to their Instagram photos.
Christine and David got engaged last month and look more loved-up than ever
Last month, Christine and David announced their engagement and they seem to be more in love than ever before. Their social media accounts show how excited they are for this new chapter in their lives.
Christine was married to Kody Brown for 25 years before they announced their breakup in November 2021
Christine and Kody Brown were in a marital union for a quarter of a century until they made public their separation in November of 2021.

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