Casemiro Reflects on the Pleasure of Facing Messi: A Love Letter to Football fans

Casemiro mentioned that although he missed out on seeing Maradona and Pele in action, he still had the pleasure of watching the top three players of his era – Messi, Cristiano, and Neymar.

Casemiro, a midfielder for Manchester United and Brazil, recently spoke highly of Argentina captain Lionel Messi. In a conversation with Placar, Casemiro expressed his admiration for Messi, calling him one of the greatest players of their generation alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. Despite not watching legends like Maradona or Pele in action, Casemiro emphasized the impact Messi has had on the game, noting his competitive spirit both with Barcelona and the Argentina national team.

Having recently joined Manchester United from Real Madrid, where he had just won La Liga and the Champions League, Casemiro shared his respect for Messi’s talent and the difficulty of playing against him. While he did not watch Argentina’s victory in the 2022 World Cup final, Casemiro acknowledged his friend Lisandro’s role in the triumph and congratulated him on the achievement. The painful memories of his own team’s loss in the tournament kept Casemiro away from watching football for a while but he recognized Messi’s outstanding performance throughout the competition.