BIG SAD NEWS !!!! Sister Wives: Finally Kody And Robyn’s Downfall | Christine Drops Bombshell

Could the Brown family be preparing for another move?

Kody, 54, and Robyn Brown, 44, were spotted with their youngest daughter, Ariella, 7, buying luggage

at a combination TJ Maxx and HomeGoods store in Phoenix, Ariz.

robyn brown instagram

SOURCE: @ROBYNBROWN/INSTAGRAMRobyn Brown spiritually married Kody and officially joined the Brown family in 2010.

According to TLC blogger WithoutACrystalBall, a source spilled the three appeared to be “in a hurry” on the outing and had no other information on why the family was shopping at the bargain store roughly two hours away from their Flagstaff home.

Around the same time, they were also photographed dining at an In-N-Out Burger located in Northern Phoenix.

This comes after OK! reported Kody may be looking to pack up and move to a new area after his respective splits from Meri, 52, Janelle, 53, and Christine, 51, with insiders dishing that his marriage with Robyn is also struggling more than ever.

robyn brown kody wives

SOURCE: MEGAThe Brown family at a Las Vegas performance of ‘The Nutcracker’.

One insider claimed that Kody has been treating Robyn “terribly” and finding “every reason to blame” her for “everything falling apart in his life.”

“He’s basically, like, ‘You should have done better. You should have worked harder to keep the family together,’” the insider said at the time. “This is not abnormal. He looks for scapegoats.”

robynbrown tlc

“We are not recovering from this,” the father-of-18 admitted in a recent interview. “We’ve been through a very hard experience and our reaction to it has changed us.”

“It’s like divorce changes you,” he conceded. “Marriage changes you. Divorce changes you. Having children changes you. But I don’t feel the same. I want to find my happy place again because I think everybody in this family is searching for that.”

Other sources alleged Kody and Robyn were no longer planning on building a home on their sprawling Coyote Pass property and that the Brown family patriarch had considered relocating back to Las Vegas.

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SOURCE: MEGAKody Brown ended Season 1 of ‘Sister Wives’ with four spouses. He is currently only married to Robyn, his fourth wife.

“He believed that Coyote Pass was only possible if everyone was included in it,” a source explained in a report published this past April.

The Brown family previously lived in Las Vegas for around seven years before Kody decided to move them to Arizona in 2018.

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