“A Street-Savvy Feline with a Short-Legged Charm Wins over Hearts”

Meet Grace Choi, a dedicated member of the board of directors at Boomers Buddies Rescue in Los Angeles, California. One day, while scrolling through videos of animals in need, she stumbled upon a heart-wrenching clip of a cat named Joey. With his short legs and apparent disability caused by a congenital issue, Joey was captured on camera trying to hide his face in the corner of his kennel at the shelter.

Upon discovering that Joey was a feral cat who couldn’t adjust to indoor life, Grace felt compelled to help him. However, she quickly realized that this cute and timid feline required a lot of love and attention. Grace attempted to approach Joey by gently stroking his head, which appeared to calm him down. Despite his nervousness, Joey eventually came closer to Grace in search of affection. He even rolled over on his side to receive belly rubs and purred contentedly, clearly delighted with the attention he was receiving.

From birth, Joey had a congenital abnormality that hindered the growth of his two front legs. Consequently, he is unable to walk with them, yet he manages to move around despite this. He imitates kangaroos by hopping and staggering.

Ever since his arrival at the shelter, this feline had been through a lot of tough times. His health was deteriorating fast and required immediate medical attention. However, with Grace’s unwavering support, Joey managed to overcome the challenges that came his way. Over time, he has become a hug expert, constantly seeking cuddles from people around him. It’s apparent that Joey recognized the secure environment he was in and opened up to all the love and care he deserved.

As per her memory:

Joey’s mange took almost three weeks to heal completely. Moreover, as he was new to the sandbox, it took some time for him to get accustomed to it. It also took a significant amount of time to get him used to living in a household environment.

Grace aimed to ensure that the kitten was living his best possible life and transitioned well into being an indoor cat. Initially, it was quite challenging as Joey appeared personality-less, barely moved around and incessantly sought attention. However, Joey’s true character gradually surfaced and became evident when he stumbled upon a cat scratcher for the first time. Without hesitation, he marched over to it and indulged in a satisfying paw-scratching session.

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