A Heroic Youngster Becomes A Feline Savior, Donning A Superhero Costume In Philly

According to popular belief, superheroes are only limited to the fantasy world of movies and comic books. However, in Philadelphia, there exists a real-life hero who protects the feline population on the city’s streets. His name is Shon Griffin, a 7-year-old boy who has earned the title of “Catman” among his family and friends. His aunt Kris Papiernik proudly refers to him by this moniker.

For quite some time, Aunty Kris and her partner have been actively engaged in rescuing and fostering cats. Recently, they have been caring for a local group of felines, which they affectionately named the Kolony Kats. One particular cat, Bug, was proving to be quite difficult to handle when it came to receiving vaccinations and undergoing neutering. “We tried everything possible,” said Aunty Kris. However, she did notice that her nephew Shon had developed an instant connection with the cats. She decided to let him help out, and to her delight, the cats responded positively to him. In fact, Bug even approached Shon, rubbed against his legs, and allowed him to pet him without any trouble.

According to Papiernik, they were unable to have Bug neutered due to his reluctance to approach them or the trap. However, when Shon began feeding him, Bug quickly warmed up to him and has been a sociable cat ever since.

According to Papiernik, the cats had a completely different response to him. Instead of avoiding him like they did with others, they were drawn to him. He easily won their affection by giving them belly rubs and head scratches. It was astounding to witness how these once untouchable cats would warm up to him immediately. Perhaps he has a special charm that the cats can sense.

Ever since Shon started visiting his aunt, he has made it a habit to go to the Kat Kolony regularly and assist in taking care of the cats. He has become their superhero, always ready to help out when any issues arise. Shon loves dressing up in his favorite superhero outfits, and it seems that the cats are drawn to him, even those who are not typically friendly. Although Shon is young, he knows precisely how to care for the cats, and giving them treats is his favorite thing to do. Without any instructions, he can easily dispense dry food and refill water bowls, impressing everyone with his caregiving skills.

This tiny fellow possesses an immense amount of kindness and generosity towards felines, which is extremely admirable. I believe that he will continue to make significant contributions to animal welfare as he matures. However, at present, he is content with being Philadelphia’s beloved Catman.

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