“A Feline Cloud: Behold the Majestic Fluff of this Cat”

Did you take a second glance at this magnificent fluff-ball to confirm that it was not a cloud? Word on the street is that this feline is only made up of 5% cat and 95% fluff, making his body mass equivalent to that of an Oreo. Meet Sky, the fluffy Ragdoll whose name speaks for itself. Not only does he have striking sky-blue eyes, but his fur resembles a colossal, poofy cloud – except it doesn’t cast any shadows. How could it with such an endearing appearance? Check out more about Sky on Instagram.





Here’s a video player for you to use. You can adjust the volume by pressing the up or down arrow keys. Let’s get started!












Why not spread the joy of this adorable cat that looks like a fluffy cloud to your pals? It’s sure to bring a smile to their faces!

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