Ronaldo’s Shocking Confession : Nearly Signed with Man City Instead of the Red Devils in 2021 🤯🔵🔴

оne of Ronaldo’s personal goals is to win a sixth UEFA Champions League title. He thinks that Manchester City is the best team to help him reach that goal.

Messi is getting used to his new home in France, while Ronaldo is trying to make his mark in Italy. Meanwhile, Messi is getting used to life in Italy, and Ronaldo is ready to take on the tasks of a new part of his football career. The whole football world is watching as these two famous players make their way through Europe.

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It was solely for the purpose of increasing the number of fighting years, filling the trophy cabinet with more trophies, and expanding the list of accomplishments that Ronaldo spent three solid years at Juventus. The Serie A championship, the Coppa Italia championship, and the Italian Super Cup were all won by him in his first two seasons of professional football. Not to mention the act of scoring goals.

In spite of the fact that he was nearing the end of his career, Ronaldo continued to score in virtually every game, with a total of 101 goals scored in 134 appearances. However, regardless of the data, it is impossible to deny the fact that his relocation to Italy was a failure. Ronaldo was dissatisfied because he believed that the coach did not make the most of his abilities that he has.

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When it came to Ronaldo’s colleagues in Turin, they were so awestruck by his presence that they could only pray for the miracle that he would deliver, and as a result, they played worse and worse. Juve does not have any other distinct style, with the exception of the phrase “Give the ball to Cris.” Even while this tactic has the potential to be successful on occasion, it is not capable of elevating the overall level of the team to the level that the project has specified in the design. Ronaldo is only interested in one trophy, and it is not the Italian Super Cup. This is the only trophy that he truly cares about.

In the middle of July 2021, just a few days before the training program to prepare for the new season, Ronaldo gave Jorge Mendes the instruction to make contact with parties who might be interested in signing him. In order to achieve his sixth Champions League medal, Ronaldo is looking for a new set of colleagues. He also wants to take on a new challenge and take a good photo with his medal.

The problem is that Messi’s move to Paris Saint-Germain quickly reduced the number of clubs who were already interested in signing a contract with Ronaldo and were able to do so. As a result, the door was shut behind him. Portuguese superstar of immense talent.

Mendes considers a number of potential clubs, including Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United, but none of them appear to be interested in a player who is past the age of 36, at which point his strength has irrefutably decreased. However, the standards for salaries have not decreased in any way.

At one point in his life, Ronaldo had the desire to work for Manchester City in order to fulfill his dream of winning the UEFA Champions League for the sixth time. оnsports is the source.

In contrast, Mendes considers this to be a relatively minor drawback. He is the kind of man who can always find a solution to every issue that arises. Despite the fact that there was a disadvantage, Mendes continued to initiate the move right away.

By the time the summer transfer window came to a close, it appeared that Mendes’ efforts had been successful. Cristiano considers Manchester City to be the very best option, and Mendes is currently in negotiations with the club.

In the event that the sole objective is to achieve yet another Champions League trophy, then the most practical alternative would be to play for Manchester City. The fact that they have the most expensive squad on the earth and the coaching expertise of Pep Guardiola makes it possible for them to give Ronaldo the best possible opportunity.

It is possible for him to join the tactical configuration of the club and play in the traditional center striker position. His primary responsibility will be to score goals, contributing to the completion of Man City’s intricate attacking play. When it comes to roles, Ronaldo 3.0 is seeking for one like that.

Similarly, Manchester City came around to the concept of working together. While they exerted a lot of effort, they were unable to secure Messi’s services. To bring Ronaldo back, therefore, they will need to give it a lot of careful consideration. Although the club spent a whopping 140 million dollars at the beginning of the summer to get a midfielder by the name of Jack Grealish, Pep Guardiola was still apprehensive about the signing since he desired to add additional firepower to his squad. There is no doubt that Ronaldo satisfies this condition, regardless of what might be said about him at the conclusion of his career.

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A crucial aspect to consider is the transfer fee. оn the other hand, Manchester City is certain that Ronaldo must leave Juventus on a free transfer, even though they are willing to offer him a massive salary. The Italian club will not make any concessions if the transfer fee is less than thirty million euros. This is due to the fact that they still owe Real Madrid thirty million euros for the transfer fee that they paid when they signed Ronaldo three years ago. Despite the fact that there are only a few days left until the transfer window closes, negotiations between the two teams have come to a standstill.

During that particular moment, Mendes proposed making a phone call to his most preferred customer in the industry, Manchester United, the club for which he had facilitated the sale of a wide variety of players throughout the course of his career, ranging from exceptional to really mediocre prospects. You should know that Cris is currently in negotiations with Manchester City, Mendes told Manchester United.

Although this is not Mendes’ most impressive maneuver, he is capable of pressing the start button for “Red Man” with complete ease. At оld Trafford, the possibility of Ronaldo scoring a goal while wearing the blue shirt of Manchester City became an immediate and terrible source of concern. Within a few of hours, the wheels of negotiation started gearing up.

This uncertainty extends to Ronaldo himself, who is unsure about returning to United. Neither a national championship nor a Champions League final has been won by this club since Cristiano’s departure in 2009. This club has not won a national championship since 2013. In an instant, long-time companions became involved.

During the phone conversation, Ronaldo’s former United teammate and next-door neighbor Rio Ferdinand shared his thoughts on the strength of his current squad with his teammate Bruno Fernandes, who is also a member of the Portuguese national team. He contacted him until three in the morning to remind him that Ronaldo’s career would be ruined if he continued to play for Manchester City for as long as he possibly could. There is no way that he could turn his back on the club that was responsible for Ronaldo’s current success and accept a salary from their rivals in the city.

“Do you really want your name to be tainted in such a scandalous way?” He inquired, Ferdinand.

United started negotiations with Juventus on a transfer fee within the early hours of the next morning. Fans devoured all of the news. The club relocation, which was completed in just under twenty-four hours, was hailed as an emotional homecoming, and it took exactly that long. The message that United posted on Instagram to announce Ronaldo’s return to the club received 13 million immediate likes, making it the most liked post ever made by any sports team in the history of the country. is this rock.

Ronaldo made his second appearance for United four days later, 18 years after he had made his first appearance for the club. When Manchester United played Newcastle at home, Ronaldo scored two goals for the home team.

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